Monday, January 23, 2012

Patriots going to the BIG GAME!

Figured I would call it the "big game" because the NFL has been known to go after restaurants, travel agencies, and even churches that use the name of the game without their written consent, etc ...

I would've enjoyed the game much more if I wasn't heading to the toilet every 10 minutes to empty my bladder. I'm not quite sure if I would rather have the intense pain than the constant urination a stent is forcing me to go through. Luckily I have work that I am able to do at home, and I sucked it up for a half day at work (the 40 minute drive each way was EXCRUCIATING!!) to be able to grab what I need to work here.

I'd like to thank all the well wishers on the last post. Makes me feel good to know that people do care :) The word really hasn't gotten out on the Haven, and not sure I want it out too much. The last thing I want is a bunch of "get well captions" that I won't be able to read until I'm actually better .. and make me look like I don't appreciate them!

The blog even got a few new followers, which is weird since I haven't posted or commented on any other blogs in almost a week. Even weirder, it seemed like the weekend was pretty slow on most TG blogs, so to pick up any followers is extremely welcome. Hope you enjoy the site, all you recent newcomers!

Until I have a more clear idea of WHAT is going to happen physically (I don't even have a followup until this Friday!! Arrgghh!) I don't plan on making any new trade captions, or commenting on others. I will probably do some like this post, perhaps twice a week, where I just put up a caption without much discussion, just to make sure everyone remembers who I am LOL At the least, I'm less likely to disappear from blogger if its updated regularly.

I'm sorry that I am a big supporter of the whole "captioning community" and yet, I'm sort of wandering off for a bit. I'm hoping it doesn't look like I'm abandoning everyone, but its just quite uncomfortable to view captions at this point in time, especially when there are usually gorgeous looking women in them! I promise that once I get everything straightened out, I'll be back with as much vigor as I have had before. I am still working behind the scenes at the Haven on various shit that comes down the pike.

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