Tuesday, January 10, 2012

R U ready 4 sum Football .. TG captions?

Multiple captions inside! Well, in honor of the big college football bowl game last night, which was won by some team that I guess wasn't supposed to even be in the game .. I figured I would post a few "football" captions, since Caitlyn asked nicely. I THOUGHT that I made a few, but looking through the "Dark"hives, I don't see THAT many. In fact, I think there are two football captions I haven't post to this blog. If I didn't do the Brett Favre one here, that would make only three.

Its weird because in terms of my favorite sport, Football is second only to Hockey. You'd think I'd have made more then. I've done a bunch of hockey, baseball, some basketball, pro wrestling, and even bowling!

This was made for Simone during our "Pick'em" league back in 2008. If I remember correctly, I came in second to Bren .. and this was made because Simone had been dogging Bren and her beloved Cowboys. When you think of the 'boys, you definitely have to think about the cheerleaders, who were probably more popular than the actual team in those down years between Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. Simone sure looks happy out there on the field huh?

I might have posted this here already, but either way, it's the "other" football caption I could find (there is one based on the Cleveland Browns, but I KNOW that I've already posted that one) and the ironic thing about the caption is .. the model is the actual woman that received the naughty texts he sent, including a picture of his little Favre.

I still have lots of cheerleading captions left I haven't posted, but most of them are not-quite sport specific. You'd think they were for basketball or some other indoor sport, because the girls are doing their thing in a school gymnasium.

Hope everyone enjoys this little sports interlude. Football is a big thing on the Haven, with Bren loving the Cowboys, I think Simone likes the Falcons, Rachel is a HUGE 49ers fan, and I root for the league leaders in evil .. The New England Patriots. Hey, I wasn't a bandwagon fan .. I was a fan back when they were 1-15 in 1990! I'll be back with more discussion answers and more captions, so feel free to pop into the last blog post and comment there as well!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Sooooo, who wins the Super Bowl this year? Who do you think will be in the Super Bowl? What teams goes further .. Rachel's 49ers, or my Patriots?


  1. Love the opening caption, 'Dalene Coaching', I'm certainly envious even if the rest of the locker room isn't! Simple but soooooo effective, very hot.

    I'd love to join in your 'football' discussion, but I don't know anything about American Football teams... it isn't really a big sport over here in the UK.

  2. Love the football caps Dee! The idea of being an athlete changed into a girl, and even a fan turning into a cheerleader instead of a player is great fantasy material.

    As to who will go to or even win the Superbowl? I haven't the slightest idea. I last 'cared' about Pro football when Barry Sanders was playing for the Lions. I see that the Lions made it to the playoffs this year, but beyond that I just haven't been paying attention.

  3. Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
    ALL of the caps are cute and funny, but I gotta go with the Dallas Cheerleader as ny fave :)

    I could give a shit about the team... but "America's Sweethearts" KNOW how to wear some shorts :)

  4. I am assuming that you see captions in the order they are posted. The first cap in this collection has an awesome picture, kinda, I mean, the girl is very pretty. Not sure about the situation. And the story is good. The situation puts me off. Yet I can't stop looking at it.

    Sorry if this is spamming.

  5. @ Joanna

    What about the situation puts you off? What makes the the caption compelling?

    One thing to remember at THIS blog is that 99 percent of the captions I post were created for a trade with a recipient that belongs to Rachel's Haven. Dalene is actually not only a big sports fan, but also a sports coach. This caption was specifically tailored to her preferences. I am not sure if SHE supplied the picture in a "Folder of pictures of girls I'd like to be" or if I found the photo and created the story to it.

  6. Ah, first of all, I meant 'comments' rather than captions... Sorry.

    Please don't think I was being anything other than complimentary. I genuinely find this caption to have a combination that makes me keep coming back, even though the situation in the picture is not my usual style (I guess it's the overt sexuality of it?). It is linked to what I was saying in the other discussion. I have no idea what the combination is but something about the image and the story just... 'clicks' for me and I am usually not taken with the 'sex with a man' aspect of TG captions.

    I guess the thing I find fascinating generally is how much other people's preferences create captions that I find interesting too. But this is the same of all creative art. Well, that created by talented people who care...

    That's it, you care about your creations, and this caption shows that pretty clearly to me.