Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Seduction Goes a LONG Way!

Yeah! Since we are going to be discussing something that Caitlyn suggested, I figured I would post a very recent caption I made for her on the Haven. I also wanted to pay a bit of a homage to her by sort of incorporating a smidgen of her design style, while still keeping the tenets of Dee-ism.

Here is part of what I wrote in the original post:
It was fun to do this, because I wanted to see the after affects of the change, not so much the physical, but the other parts of Calvin/Caitlyn. Something tells me that you WOULD be like this if the situation occurred. You'd want to try to move on and cope as best you could .. trying new experiences instead of moping around. From there, you'd HAVE to experience sexuality as a female, so you would have to coax yourself and your friend to go along with it. Then, since you are now female, you get into the whole roleplay and seductive romance and then ..  WHAMMO, the alpha male guy takes over, all cocky (pun intended) and headstrong. At that point, I think the submissive streak of Caitlyn takes over, but that is more for your imagination than a caption.

Hope you enjoy this! It probably helps to think of a little slurp noise at each piece of punctuation during your little seduction speech.
I loved her reply, and I'll post it here as well:
Tee Hee!! Its like a fairy tale come true.  "And Caitlyn sucked happily ever after!"

I love it Dee.  Very sexy photo... and yes I'm talking about the pretty new Caitlyn, not the lip stretching monster she's kissing.*, wonderful story, and I like your write up.  I don't know how I would really react if given a change like this, but it is certainly possible.  I'm just not sure any friend of mine would need that much convincing!

Thank you so much Dee!


*o.k.. I'm talking about that too!
I don't often use photos like this, because, truth be told, I don't find most of the pictures like this the SLIGHTEST bit interesting. This one got me because of her expression, and honestly, the gentleness of the kiss at the head of a relatively large phallus. I prefer to have a picture enhance the story and vice versa, so that they interact with each other and provide a sense of balance.

The other part of the response I like leads to something Caitlyn brought up in a previous post when I was asking for some topics of discussion.
What drives you to cap? what makes you go into Photoshop after a bad day, or posting a cap and not getting the response you want. Is it fantasy? Challenge? Helping others? Creative Outlet? I'm not asking what made you want to cap in the first place, but after this many caps what drives you to continue?
Probably the number one reason I still caption is that I love this community and the friends I've made while being a productive captioner. Its so much more sociable now than 18 years ago when I was FTPing through the Mellon server and finding some stories scattered around Compuserve. This was pre-Fictionmania, and even pre-TSA mailing list. After that, there was the explosion of Geocities vanity sites (which sort of seems the same as Blogger is now) but there wasn't too much in the way of an online community I actually felt comfortable with. It was always broken down into fiction/fantasy and realistic crossdressing / sissydom and they hardly ever crossbred. Rachel's Haven seemed to mesh ALL those groups together fairly well, and I really embraced it.

The comment Caitlyn made not only made me feel appreciated, she let a bit of herself out for all to see. I tend to be the most friendly with those that put an effort into their comments. Then there were other comments made by people I consider close friends.

From Steffie:
*GASP!* Dirty pics from Dee? Say it ain't so....what's next, Courtney doing German fetish videos? Bren voting Democratic? The world is off it's hinges, I tell you... it just ain't right. Still, that an awfully sexy story you got there. *giggle*
Then a reply from Petra:
Since the world is off its hinges, I've decided to start wearing pants all the time as well as long sleeved turtle-neck shirts with denim vests over the top. Fun cap Dee and I'm sure that Caitlyn will be doing something like this quite often in the future.
There are so many instances where the discussion in the comments have influenced people's online characters, influenced future caption ideas, and fostered a genuine camaraderie that I cannot describe. If Caitlyn NEVER made another caption, it would be a disappointment, but as long as she is still around to chat and discuss whatever I want to talk about, I wouldn't have too much of a problem if she decided to not make them anymore. Her disappearing from my life would be much more of an upset to me.

I love to make captions for others, though I want to receive a caption from them as well. When someone shows an effort, it makes me so happy, regardless of whether I actually enjoy the caption at face value. It gets them involved, and hopefully they'll be hooked! In a way, each caption is a performance, and I want everyone to be a part of my freak cabaret! Its why I am so vehement about discussions that I hope will make people think more about captions beyond the kink/fantasy factor and into a realm of artistic mode of expression.

The biggest compliment I can get though, is when someone becomes a member, and *I* am their first caption subject. I am honored to have had that distinction a few times, and you really have to pry the smile off my face with a friggin' chisel whenever it happens. A few of the times I've been blindsided by it, as the people have never announced themselves to me until I got this incredible work of art, and I read, "I saw a caption you made, and was inspired to make one myself. Hope you like it!" Its such a validation of what I try to put out consistently in caption form .. a daily look into the mind of Dee that people will hopefully find interesting and compelling, even if only for a momentary distraction.

To to sum up something that has become a HUGE block of a post .. its all the things that Caitlyn mentions, but also so much more that I even have trouble putting into words.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you had to sum up "Dee the person" and "Dee's captions" in less than 20 words, what would you come up with? I'm actually really interested in knowing!


  1. Well I can't say much more about that cap. I do love it, and its kind of humbling to see 'my' design style referenced and used. I just knew I liked that tilt!

    Its nice to see inside of you a little. Like many of the comments you love to get information from, I now feel I know you a little better. And of course I'm sure that will translate into a better caption for you. And even if it doesn't, it will lead to more caps for you!

    I hope that those things will continue to drive me when I've tallied up half the caps that you have.

    Now... 20 words or less? Are you trying to give me a heart attack? I mean come on, I've now spent more than 20 words just complaining about the limitation of 20 words, and I still don't feel like I'm scratching the surface of how difficult it is for me to put out a description without using every word that I can. But here it goes:

    Dementia is a fun loving, hard working, loving, sweet person that is always willing to lend a helping hand.

    Dementia's caps are quick and to the point. Well designed, creative, and always able to hit the right spot.

    Those are both (just) under 20 words!

  2. Dee,

    First, my mini-wall o' text responding to your post, before the discussion question :)

    The main reason I make caps is because I enjoy them, personally, an I (generally) enjoy my own the most, because I know what I am in the mood for, today... which changes from day to day...

    The reason I PUBLISH and trade captions, is I like to feel part of community, and hope to bring a smile, a giggle or a blush to a few people. My biggest pleasure ever in making captions is when I feel that I TRULY nailed someone's fantasy, sometimes adding unspoken subtext into it that wasn't even in their actual "preferences".

    It's sometimes difficult to tell if you "hit" it or not... Some folk will happily tell you they "love" it, when you actually were about 45 degrees off-mark, and some who DO love it, often say little more than, "I love it... Thanks for the cap..".

    But I keep trying :)

    Now to your question... I'm a little under-qualified to describe you and your caps, as I have been out of touch for so long, but I will give it a shot...

    Dee - The Person: Intelligent, Friendly, Helpful, Cute, Direct and Plain-Spoken, Generous to a fault, Devoted/Loyal to her friends and the Haven.

    Dee's Captions: Well-thought-out, Clean, Exquisite timing and pacing, wonderful pic selection, occasional biting sarcasm, and/or raunchy irreverent humor/sexiness...

    WHEW! 20 words each... I'm sure I'll kick myself later for forgetting a fitting adjective... but this'll do for now :)


  3. Dee the person - Brutally honestly blended with a sincerity and complex thought. The best part however is that she's my friend.

    Captions. - you take a Dee caption like you do a shot of liquor, straight up with no chaser.

  4. Also, I will add that I know exactly how you feel about the community aspect. As much as I love making captions for the challenge, I doubt I would continue if some of the lovely people I converse with suddenly disappeared.

    Dee is one of the few links to the "old guard" of Rachel's Haven folk who were around when I first found the community and I treasure that. I'm lucky to have found some wonderful people there and I'm always glad to interact with others who show up for the first time. I could name names all day but I'll reserve that for my own little blog space.