Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lifestyles of the Broke and Fabulous!

Well, I had this idea for a LONG TIME. When I come up with a snippet or idea for a caption, and I'm at work, I'll email that little nugget to myself, so that I can look at it when I have the time. If I don't write them down, I'll usually forget about them later (which is why sometimes I give them to others when I'm chatting in IM's ...either they can use them or I will forget and those ideas will just die.)

I keep them all in the same email .. called story ideas. Not all of them will be used, but I do ponder each one. I hadn't looked at the email list in quite some time, so I figured there had to be a few things there I could use for captions that I owe to others. I had a good 10 or so to choose from, and I think I made 3 of them within the last week or so, including the one I posted with the Airplane references for Caitlyn.

My only problem with doing it this way is .. I don't normally have pictures to fill out the captions, so these captions take more time to make. I have to hunt around, either on websites, or rummaging through my photo folders. I don't necessarily mind doing it this way, as the ideas tend to be already fleshed out, and while I'm looking, I will always hit a picture that leads to another caption. For instance, I think I made 2 captions while trying to find a photo for this one.

The reason I had trouble finding a picture was that I wanted a certain look, not only of a model and what she was wearing, but the look on her face. This photo HAD that look, though she wasn't as dressed up as I wished she was, but went along with it anyway. That means I had to alter what I had quickly jotted down in my email. Here is what I had originally:
Look TIFFANY babe, we are friggin broke! We can’t afford to do that, and the bank is not going to let us borrow against the house, since the property values have dropped these last few years.

How can we have no money? I make a good salary as a App Developer and the house is all paid off. Don’t we have a few bank accounts we can tap?

Ummm, TIMOTHY? How do you think you were able to pay for hair plugs, those big boobs, or the constant trips to the salon to keep your nails fresh? I don’t mind you being a sissy and all that. Hell, it is a bit of a turn on, but you are slutting your way into the poorhouse.

Well, what are we going to do?

I think you know what you need to do. Just head out to the corner of Watkins and Dover in that outfit, and I’m sure someone will pay you what your worth. And don’t come back until the car payment is taken care of!
 I didn't realize how much I had used of the original idea until I just pasted it up here. I mostly changed a bit of dialog to fit the picture better, and edited the content a bit for brevity's sake. TIFFANY and TIMOTHY were just filler names until I could decide who would be receiving it.

I really liked the idea of a guy being a sissy, and his wife complaining about the bills involved. Usually in sitcoms its the other way around, with the husband complaining about the amount of shoes she buys or the new dress she bought. I wanted to flip that around. Beauty is NOT cheap, regardless of how most TG captions and stories lead you to believe!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How do you deal with ideas that come to you while you are not in a mode to caption? Do you have a text file, email the idea to yourself, jot it down on paper or a sticky note on your cell phone? Are you able to actually remember them if you don't do something to jog your memory later?


  1. I have a notebook I keep with my TG ideas. It's a holdover of how I write in general. This way I can brainstorm the ideas and try to get some focus.

  2. If I'm in the mood to cap, I will either write it down in an email to my self, or just remember it till I can get to it later that day. If I'm not in the mood, either a text file or email works.

    I still have a couple of idea's wrote down, but some times I start to get too specific with out any pictures to anchor the story too, so they never get made. Not wanting to alter the idea or mess with it until I can find something that fits just so.

  3. @ Simone

    You don't worry about someone else stumbling across the notebook and wondering what the hell is inside?

    @ Jennifer

    You have a MUCH better memory than I do! I can understand the issue if you flesh it out too much beforehand. I didn't have THAT much written for this one, and it still took be a bit of time to find the right picture to match what I was looking for.

  4. Dee, I'm pretty damn careful about it. My notebook's hiding place is like a porn stash; someone would have to be snooping big time for them to come up with it.