Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Robyn's Turn in the Barrel

Many captions I make are either based off of pop culture references, or come from some other sort of "shared collective".. and this caption was based on an old joke. I don't know the official etymology of where exactly it came from, but I know that its been told about the navy for a LONG time, and possibly comes from Britain. Can any reader back up that claim?

Here is a basic telling of the joke. In fact, I might first heard of it when reading "Gross Jokes" back in the late 1980's. You remember those books (the ones with dead baby and Helen Keller jokes) right?

This guy decides to join the Navy. On his first day of service, he gets acquainted with all the facilities around the ship he will be serving on. The guy asks the sailor showing him around, "What do you guys do around here when you get really horny after months of being out at sea?", to which the other replies, "Well, there is this barrel on the upper deck, just pump your cock in the side with the hole."

Weeks pass, and the new guy is getting real horny and remembers the barrel. He climbs to upper deck and sees the barrel. Flings his shlong out and starts fucking the barrel. Its simply the best feeling he had ever experienced, it was truly a success!

After he was done, zipped up and merrily walking along, the guy who originally told him about the barrel walks by. "That barrel really was great! I could do it every day!"

To which the other crew member replies, "Yeah, you can every day except Thursday." Confused, the new guy asks why, to which the other guy replies, "Because its your turn in the barrel on Thursday."
The punchline became slang in certain areas of work. Here is what the urban dictionary has for a definition...

(one's) turn in the barrel: 
    Signifies a dirty or unpleasant task that one must do since it is part of their share of the work and that others have taken their turn doing before them.  It sometimes referred to doing KP, but in times of combat might have been used to mean taking on a very dangerous chore (like walking point on recon). There is a vulgar joke associated with the phrase about soldiers putting their penises through a hole in a barrel to receive oral sex. When a new recruit asked who was in the barrel he was ordered to shut up. Several days later he was told it was his "turn in the barrel." This vulgar joke is the source of the phrase. In spite of its crude references I have heard Generals and Admirals on CNN use the term to describe taking their turn at an unpleasant task.
This caption pretty much leaped out of my fertile imagination while looking at ladies costumes online. When I saw the photo, for a moment I thought about the whole Milton Beryle "the IRS took everything" but then went right to the more smutty barrel idea. It wasn't too hard to figure out how to make it work as a TG caption. I think it is a fun, burlesque type caption, and my only real complaint is that the model is smiling too much, almost like she likes what she is doing, which perhaps she does! Of course, there is a very punny zinger tacked on at the very end. I know that quite a few people groaned, but hey, that is what puns are for!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: We've mentioned folklore here in this blog before, but what "historical" jokes and riddles could be used to make TG captions? I know there HAVE to be a few "farmer's daughter / traveling salesman" captions out there. Have you seen any of those? What other humor chestnuts can you think of that would translate well to the TG genre?

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  1. TEE hee
    A soldier is posted to a remote desert out post. The garrison is only men. After two weeks the soldier is getting very horny. What to you guys do for a bit of relief he asks a brother in arms. Oh we ride Camel he said pointing to an old fly covered creature. our hero did not fancy that but after another week he can't stand it any more. And finally goes out side drops his pants and fucks the camel.
    The next day he tells his friend what he done.
    What !You fool, I meant we ride the camel to the nearest village whore house. !