Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shauna's Got a Nagging Feeling About This!

Shauna does her best to keep me in caption debt, so I have her in the back of my mind when I'm looking for pictures to caption, since her preferences are pretty lenient. She really does just love getting attention in her captions, so its never a thing of ," I want to be an auburn colored nurse that weighs between 120 and 125 pounds wearing a pink uniform with baby blue heels carrying a clipboard or a spatula ... oh yeah, I want the caption to be set in space if at all possible."

When I saw this picture, a 60's - 70's sitcom vibe struck me. She looked like an attractive woman, but the kind of wife that the guys in the bar complain about, and around 11 pm, she's standing outside the pub with a rolling pin ready to strike her hubby in the head.

Once I had that, it wasn't too hard to pick a few of the choice bits that most of those sitcom employed. I didn't want to make it too specific, as it could have been ANYTHING that changed Shauna (and Nate for that matter) since sitcom's back then were so episodic, they was no real "canon" as to how they would behave from week to week. I mean, for an "uncharted" island, Gilligan and the crew were visited almost every week by someone, whether a cosmonaut, movie star, etc ... and never was closer to getting off the island at the end of the episode.

It was really fun to write and I thought the story went well with the picture.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How would YOU set up a TG sitcom? What would be the plot, and how would you make it so that there would be a running story throughout seasons? Mine would be to rip of "My Name is Earl" where I would have the main character travel around and make amends for all the crap he pulled as a guy.


  1. Hmm... a TG sitcom. Now most of my preferences would lead to more of a TG Drama, or TG horror story. But staying in the sitcom, the first thing that comes to mind would be a Quantum Leap style show. Just picture the narration... "Trapped in the body of a man, Doctor Dee find herself transforming man after man, putting genders right, that once went wrong and hoping each time, that the next transformation will be her own!

  2. i would rather see a tg twilight zone or outer limits my self. And i dream of Jeanie is a bit to easy.. So instead I'll go with get smart or burn notice, a spy trying to deal with his new TG'ed life and working his way through missions. more then likely ending up in the bed room to get some vital intel..

    And just thought this question seemed awfully familiar...