Friday, August 5, 2011

Quite the External Drives You Got there!

This caption was just a case of seeing a photo in someone's picture folder and thinking about it in a straight forward manner. I saw the picture and said, "Damn, those gazongas certainly don't have any silicone in them. There is silicon in computer chips, so if those boobies DID had that inside, there would be a ton of memory storage available .. OHHHH, there we go!" and it was an almost instant story.

I want to know how they know we are using only 10 percent of our brains. they can see the synapses firing, but what if the 90 percent they don't see is just doing something else? I tend to believe in evolution, but if that is true .. why the hell do we need the other 90 percent empty and unused? You'd think we'd have modified it for some special purpose by now OR we are not evolving but DEVOLVING! I mean, why did the Egyptians make the BEST pyramid FIRST then spend the next 1000 years making shittier ones? Perhaps the 90 percent is just cushioning and padding for when we bang our heads against something hard.

So anyway, boobie storage would be the best, since you can lock away all the knowledge and experiences in there, and let the new brain fill up on its own. Since guys supposedly think with their dicks, putting their brain in the boobies is just good organization, since tits are one of the things that they think about extensively.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What draws you into a woman first? How would that change if you became a woman, would you probably pick the same thing, or do you think your desires would be different? What do you think your best feature is, and how would that be different if you were born a woman?


  1. First of all I have to be the smartass. :D It's a weird prejudice that the human brain only uses 10% of its possibilities, capacity ... however you put it. There are phases when the brain really only uses 10% of its power, but that doesn't mean only these 10% are used. A good example are people who had some parts of their brain removed due to an accident, health problems etc ... the brain is capable of compensating this loss, by (spoken in computer language) finding other ways to certain folders or it just copies and pastes it.
    Evolution is smarter than giving humans big brains and then it only uses 10% of its power - I agree though that some humans make it hard to believe that. :)

    Sorry for that Dee. :D

    I sort of answered this question (for me) on my blog after I received a question on formspring. Breasts are for me the most prominent thing (or proof) that I'm a woman, at least I think that. I admit that I'm a breast man in real life and yes, if those babies are displayed in a good way, those draw my attention first.
    If I was the one carrying them around I'd probably keep them covered at first. I need to learn to live with this feelings, plus I wouldn't want all the men to stare at them, since I wouldn't be interested in them right away.

    I have no idea what my best feature would be if I was born a woman, that's hard to imagine. Could be anything. If I had big breasts I'd probably see them as my best feature, if not, then my ass. :-P When I look at my sister (and we are pretty much alike character-wise) then my best feature would be my height and the proportional look of everything. She's proud of herself and the way she looks. At least I never heard her saying that she is super proud of her breasts (medium) or ass (pretty nice though) or her smile (which is wonderful).


  2. What gets my attention first? Eyes.. The eyes! heh. But most people know that's one of the main reasons I picked Mila for "Jennifer".

    But it's hard to deny that I'll notice a big pair of breasts if they are just staring me in the face. Perfect example of that, is Christina Hendricks. It's almost impossible to not notice them, her breasts enter the room before she does!

    What would be my most prominent feature as a woman? i guess if you based it on what my most prominent feature as a guy is, then you could make a reasonable guess. But I think it's a little hard to say for certain. I mean, it could be my face if I was girl, or it could be my chest, my ass, etc.etc.

    But just by going on what I know now, I'll say my legs. I would still go for the eyes though.

  3. So what you're suggesting in this caption is these are "tanks for the memories"??

    Great cap!

  4. Yeah, I was hoping that people would mention that they'd probably look like a certain family member, which would help in identifying what their WOW factor would be.

    I tend to notice the boobs first, then the legs. If I was female, I'd probably notice a guy's posture and grooming first. I know guys that work in an office that still look sloppy, and guys that work in construction that can present clean, even when sweating.

  5. Ummm another smartass in here Dee ^-^

    It's said that 85% of the brain is used on moving and making the muscles, bones and tips works ^-^

    Now that weird because you cannot actually put your muscles to work at such a high percent without being injured in the process, so it works at a times... You try to move your head, your arms and legs while running or moving around the house...and you'll surely get a headache "giggle" but also a huge sensation of pain along your body...

    The 10% used by our brain is to think and rationalize things, this is a common mistake to think that the 90% is unused...a more common mistake because Einstein misleaded people into that direction, while Dr's and scientists from our Era had discovered that this statement is false ^-^

    So stop thinking about tapping your powers and gaining telekinesis or something heh heh heh thats completely and utterly unrelated to the capacity of the brain...

    You want evolution, well...

    We are at the stage of Homo sapiens sapiens "sapiens" (not yet confirmed but has the possibility to be right now) or "Homo studiosus" or Polymath (such as Da Vinci but extended to everyone)

    I do not believe we should be able to obtain "powers" anytime soon but our brain does works better than the previous era of human beings ^-^

    If you don't live in Idiocracy "nuff" said...

    For the other question...

    I think (as I've been told by women) that my best feature are my lips and eyes, so being born a female or becoming a female would make those attributes much more powerful than before...

    As for me the first thing I look in a woman's body are those feature, the rest is "optional"!
    for me Is a false statement "the bigger... the better"... I want brains and rational conversations! "giggle"

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  6. Puntastic cap as always Dee!

    What draws me first about a woman is always her eyes. She can be completely nude and displaying her self in full porn glory, and I'll still check out the eyes. That same display can change from wanton lust, to innocent embarrassment with just a small change in her eyes.

    As to if I were a woman... I really don't know. I imagine if I were still attracted to women it would remain the same, but I have no idea what would catch my eye when it comes to men.

    My best feature? I have no idea, as I don't find myself all that attractive. According to past girlfriends my best feature has always been my mind and my attitude, but if you want physical features, it would be my 'happy face'. I have to put that in quotes as smiling is not my default expression and it takes more than being in a good mood for me to flash my smile.

    If I were born a woman, I think it would stay the same. I'm not physically fit, so I wouldn't have that svelt body type most look for. By family genes, I wouldn't have a bangin' set of breasts, but I would have some damn nice legs (and now that I've spent a few minutes thinking of the 'sexy' features of family members I'm going to try to get the perv thoughts out of my head for a little bit!)