Monday, July 18, 2011

Might want to reschedule that meeting!

EDIT: OK, the actual real sized caption is now available!

I try to make captions for certain members at least every 6 months, just to let them know I'm thinking of them. Ashley M. is one of those people, AND since she doesn't mind crossdressing / she-males / goths ... when I have some ideas that need to be fleshed out, she gets to be the end result.

I was on a little caption jag last night because I had about 90 minutes of uninterrupted time to whip things up (though I had to squeeze dinner in there as well.) I made four captions of a quickie nature, and this might be my favorite out of the batch. What I did was this: I went to an old photo archive I had that I hadn't seen in at least a year to 2 years. I just looked at each photo, and if I hadn't used it as a caption already, I would just glance at it and see if anything popped into my head. If not, I moved on to the next one. That happened often, because if they weren't used back then, it was probably that I hadn't an idea that worked, either due to a viable plot or no one to make a caption for that would fit the picture.

I thought it'd be a fun exercise to see what I could come up with, AND it almost felt like I was being green and recycling old pictures I had saved, instead of mining for new pictures all the time. It was a complete blast, and I'm going to have to do it again when I get that much time without major interruptions.

The only person who I had in mind for these captions were Jillisa, since it was her birthday. At some point I found something that fit her and made one up right away. Anything else, if I came up with the idea, I tried to immediately work towards a certain person. This caption is in that vein, since I didn't want to do a complete change to a woman. I figured that Ashley wouldn't mind, since she's enjoyed captions like this before.

The main thing I thought of when I first saw the picture was ... what if someone hadn't figured out everything bad that had been done to them? I really like the whole "oblivious to what happened until the least opportune time" scenario (which with "can't control the compulsions implanted" is my current favorite method of TG) and the photo gave me a chance to whip something up. A look like THAT is definitely hard to miss, but having her see the small change (the nails) and fix it would be a great set-up / stinger in the end. Not only that, but kind of lead the reader on to think that Ashley caught the makeover in time, but really only had scratched the surface of the changes.

Yes, I understand that hair like that would be hard to miss, but ... what if there was something else in that scalp rub? Perhaps some discrete programming to not notice what happened until the meeting? Is Dee behind all this, or was it just a case of the stylist having fun, or figuring that is what he wanted? Besides, we all have to suspend our disbelief a little now and then, right?

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I don't see captions (or stories) like this nearly enough. Can you out there in blog land refer me to some captions, stories, artists and writers that fit this sort of theme? I don't mind if its TG or TF (I belong to forever changing as well) and love to see/read about people that either are compelled to behave differently or are are somewhat oblivious to what is happening (like they realize they are changing, but still try to be themselves, even as it spirals out of control.) What do you think happened after the caption ended for Ashley? Did Dee have anything to do with the changes?


  1. Great caption, Dee although it comes up small when you click it. I don't know if Dee had anything to do with it, perhaps it was some special styling gel and when Ashley went into the meeting someone either told her and she was shocked or she now sees taht as her normal face.

    I've been trying to think whether I've done any caps which fit that theme as I sometimes change personalities as with bodies but most don't realise they are changing. Maybe that birthday cap I did for you where I don't realise I've become a goth? I also did one for Vancouverite in which a punk singer takes some vitamins which turn her voice into that of an auto-tuned Disney pop princess. She's chucked out of her band and tries to make it on her own but ends up attracting the sort of tween audience she hates.

  2. @ Terri

    Yeah, its fixed now so it comes up like it should.

    Weird that no one else commented here, but once I posted it to this blog, the Haven posting has gotten another 6 or so comments.

    Seems to have gone over well, though its hard to figure out if the confusion over what happened amongst readers was real, or just people having fun with the situation.

  3. We've kinda talked about this before, but I'll reiterate it here. I am an on again off again fan of 'oblivious' caps. That's to say that I don't like them but occasionally get a kick out of them. That being said, the story here doesn't do anything for me. I like the design of the cap, and the photo is great, but this is a cap that I would read, and then move on not giving it a second thought.

    I think for me, I love the struggle. The humiliation and embarrassment really push my buttons. So if the person isn't aware of it, they can't have those feelings. The same applies to 'compelled' caps. There can be some humiliation, but its mitigated with 'hey I couldn't help it, it wasn't me' feelings.

    Because of that, I don't have any links to offer. I may have read some great stories or caps in this vein, but I wouldn't remember a good one vs a bad one.

    Now one of the reasons I like your caps is that so much is left up in the air that my twisted mind can make it fit into my own little fetish. What happens next? She keeps noticing one or two small effects from the change, and even fixes them only to have more changes thrust upon her. Until she is finally looking and acting like the people who transformer her wants. Then and only then does she get the full realization along with the memories of what happened. She has long since been fired at her job when the CEO saw her like that and is now on the way to meet her new CEO... her pimp.