Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Total Immersion Lingerie Therapy

Something tells me that many people that are reading this blog would be running down to their local university to get involved in this sort of clinical testing! You'd think with all the weird shit they study, that there would have been some sort of emasculation project.

This is sort of a followup to the previous post and what was discussed there. Many women are very self-conscious about how they look and even the hottest model will have SOMETHING they'd like to change about themselves. I guess being a flaming ball of insecurity is one of the treats of being female (and knowing one or two MtF individuals, it is amazing to see what female hormones can do .. WHOA!)

Hence, this caption, which is another variation of the "Walk a mile in my shoes" variety. I would LOVE to see someone make a story that closely follows what I've presented here (And they probably have, but I don't recall any off the top of my head other than something Karen Elizabeth did like 15 years ago) which would fill in the gaps. Perhaps people can recommend some in the comments section?

The main difference between this one and the previous posting is that this one is more voluntary. He isn't stuck, but mentally he is because he is finding out he likes dressing that way. What was supposed to be a punishment definitely isn't, though it probably is causing some embarrassment to his male ego.

I like this caption, as it gets to the heart of the matter while being economical with words. When I can convey something sharp and precise, and zero in on a specific feeling, it makes me quite proud. The picture drew all of this out, since I didn't really have an idea in mind when I found the photo. It was a "wow, great photo .. wonder what the story is behind this? ... OH! I have to write it out right now!" It is so much easier when everything just flows organically.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Which "walk a mile" caption do you prefer, the previous one or this one? What makes it "better" in your opinion?

EXTRA THOUGHTS: When I post the discussion questions, that isn't the only thing allowed to be discussed. If you would just like to talk about the caption, the reasoning behind something there that I didn't explain, or even a response to another comment, please do so! I am not trying to dictate the discussion, but often (a) I wish to get more feedback on a certain talking point I am wondering about, and (b) like a good host, I am trying to stimulate interaction.

Yesterday, I had a question of Alectra of why she kept typing in "eh eh eh" in her responses (in mine and Cailtyn's blog where I posted the question) and we ended up with a side discussion of how other cultures designate laughter in the written form. It had nothing to do with what Caitlyn had talked about, but still was quite illuminating. It got me thinking about to how other cultures deal with social issues, and might appear in a upcoming caption, if and when I can caption again.

So feel free to ask questions, or just make statements about the captions themselves, and we'll see where that leads us!


  1. That i'm looking forward to if I can end up being a helpful gal in that matter ^^' (notice the sweat mark in my emoticon, thats because i'm sweating today "giggle")

    Okay enough joking around...

    Uhmmmm that is one a sexy shot in there, I can't deny I like the pic and that it's very alluring but the overall idea of going to therapist drives me crazy even if I tell that I would feel very exposed and weak telling that matter you wrote in that cap to my very own therapist ^^'

    I think sometimes simplicty wins against complexity, uhmmm sometimes lots of people prefer a straight up cap in the face rather than one that could make them think, Heh I think of these people as lousy bast... uhmmm weak minded people don't appreciate the love and the care we put in each one of our own, yeah! I talking to you lurker guy/gal "giggle"...

    So even if this one shows a straight up conversation with two voices with two responses, it's really makes me think if I could encounter that sort of problem anytime in my life, taking the point that if I end up dressing with lingerie will make me a female gal!

    So short answer yes this walk a mi... not it walks ten miles for me "giggle"
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: I don't know to which point you followed the conversation Dee, but I think it ended being a fun one ^^'

  2. I enjoyed both caps, but I think I like this one better. I don't think it had much to do with the story, as they both hit different buttons for me. I think I hold this one up a little more because of the photo. The previous cap's photo was nice, but well, it is what it is. This one has a more 'out of the box' pose. With nothing being straight, it keeps your eye moving up and down.

    Plus the gradient in the background keeps that eye movement working as well.

    And since you bring up talking about other subjects, I figured this is a good place to just say, I love the new backgrounds you are using. I think it adds quite a bit, without sacrificing that Dee feeling. I was going to say it is like a Dee Plus... but then that could be taken as a D+, and your caps were already straight As.