Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Pappy's Day

You never really win an argument when you are a dad and you have a teenage daughter. You might "win" in the moment, but honestly, you've still lost the war. They have so many ways of extracting victory, and that isn't even counting the magical ways that you'll see in caption format.

This is a basic "walk a mile in her shoes" caption, and the picture fit what I was looking to convey. It also makes mention of a simple fact that I've learned over time .. women dress sexy for themselves. If it turns on other people, then that is a bonus. It makes them feel good, sexy, alluring, flirty .. however it is they want to feel. Knowing how damn insecure ALL women are, it makes total sense.

It is amazing how much of what a woman is .. is defined by how she looks. That is why men tend to have one mode of dress, with a weekend look of "comfortably sporty". In the space of one week, a woman can be MANY different people, just by what she is wearing. If she doesn't want to commit to a total look, she can underscore what she's wearing just by a different set of earrings, or heels when wearing jeans.

It is a study in psychology really. I have dressed in drag a few times, but the most pronounced one was Halloween over 10-12 years ago. After about an hour, I REALLY felt different. The heels made me walk with shorter and more tentative strides (even though i walk in heels really well, so says everyone I know. I blame it on the amount of Rocky Horror I did as a teenager.) and I was not used to all the attention I was getting (some was good actually, a friend was apparently admiring my legs before realizing it was ME .. said it made him question his sexuality for a moment) which women must constantly get used to. Not just the "HEY SEXY!" thing, but the scrutiny that women go through 24/7. Carrying around all my important stuff in a bag was a PITA too, as I am used to things being in my pocket. Other than when I've lost my voice for months at a time, I had never felt so vulnerable in my life.

So to all the dads out there .. "DON'T DREAM IT .. BE IT!" We know that you'd LOVE to be the stay at home housewife, even if it was for just one day .. especially if your spouse took you out dancing that night! If not in real life, perhaps in reading a TG story or identifying with a TG caption.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What  'Rite of Passage' that almost every woman goes through would you most like to experience as a female? There are no wrong answers, but I am just curious. I will give my answer after a few others talk about what they would like to have gone through. I don't wish to "poison the well" with my thoughts, and perhaps someone my persuade me to change my opinion.


  1. You know, I've never rally thought of living the life of a girl/woman. So I've never thought of the different rites of passage that girls have to go through. So I apologize if my thoughts here are only half formed.

    I guess I would have to look at what rites I went through as a boy that helped form the man that I am now. A lot of that was the slow mentor/friend relationship that built up with my father. So as a girl, it would be my mother. But there was no one defining moment... nothing I would call a true 'Rite of Passage'. Maybe the 'sex' talk. My dad's sex talk went like this:

    DAD: You know about Condoms right?
    ME: Yup
    DAD: Good. Use them.

    It was just assumed that I had already figured things out on my own, and honestly unless your boy is showing a real mean or woman hating streak.... he doesn't need to know a lot beyond 'don't get a disease, and don't get a girl pregnant'. But what is that like for the girl?

    Then of course there is the 'sleep over'. The 'sleep overs' that I had as a boy just slowly transformed into the 'I'm to drunk to drive... mind if I crash here' situations I find myself in now. Basically just hanging out, and doing what we would normally do during the day (video games, and action figures as boys, talking and BSing as men).

    So I guess its those two 'Rites' that I would like to experience. The 'Sex Talk', and the 'Sleep Over'.

  2. Funny The Father's Day comes in Spain 19th March Ouh well...
    Hmmmm as far as i know i'm my own experiences, i got a pretty similar one, but the matter was entirely different and more funny.

    Questioning my sexuality, my father came and saw me watching some pics of nude gals so the conversation went like this.

    My father: Sooooo what are you watching?
    Me: Nothing (trying to hide everything)
    My father: Sooooo nothing, yeah right, and that nothing has boobs?
    Me: Not telling you, I... I uhmmm i'm a boy you know.
    My father: Good thing, don't stare too much to those...

    My father went and told it to my mother and she agreed that a boy has needs...

    Uhmmm do I have to tell you I was like 15 years old? "giggle"

    Okay talking with my father about this it's kind of hard, in Spain this matter is TABU even in the S.XXI i think it has to do with their childhood and the repression times and the church avoiding the matter in schools and later on TV on that time...

    But talking about sex or knowing what it's sex comes from the instincts so even if i've told in my institute how to deal with that matter they came pretty late to me, because i've already known the basics, but no one will swear it over "giggle" not any teenager, uhmmmm some may but those are a few minority...

    And as far of Rite of Passages for a female in my country, well I have a sister and she didn't do anything different from what I could have done.

    Maybe having her first experience with the period and the clubbing moments attracting any male or female around her, but not any special rite or anything ^.^

    Not even playing with different toys, I had played with a friend of mine with Barbies, she was Barbie I was Ken, or stuffed animals, or having to play with the Kitchen toy or mum and dads games...

    My! I Had quite an infancy "giggle"

    Uhmmm but for Rite of Passages I would like to pass a female.

    The first time they go shopping with friends, it's funny how many things my sister could buy going out with friends, like try on this, no i think that would look better on you, try those heels, uhmmm why not taking it all "giggle"
    That would be fun
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra