Friday, June 10, 2011

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing? Ewe are kidding right?

I wrote this one a little while after the Carmen Sandiego caption I posted a few weeks ago. I thought it was a fun diversion and I wanted to use more pop culture references, since many people dug what I had done with the cartoon super-villianess. I also wanted to pay a bit of tribute to my friend Bimbo Jessica (who I mess dearly and wish wasn't so busy so we could have fun online again!) She is a huge Warner Brothers fan, and I wanted to highlight a lesser known set of cartoons made by that studio. As much as she is into the cartoons, she digs Monty Python as well. Those two things were the main influences on this caption.

Some people enjoyed it for what it is at face value. It is a decent enough, with some humiliation, abuse, and some cuckolding thrown in at the end. However, I would think that if you knew the references behind it, then the caption is much more enjoyable.

Here is what I posted a few days later, as a way to explain for those that didn't quite get what I was going for.
The Warner Brothers part is the Ralph the Wolf and Sam the Sheepdog cartoons. Ralph would try to steal sheep, and Sam would thwart him, mostly using standard Tom and Jerry type methods. At some point though, the work whistle would blow, and they'd punch out with a time clock. Once that happened, they'd be quite friendly, then say, see you tomorrow!

The Monty Python stuff is The Argument Sketch from the original series. Its more of the beginning part with Graham Chapman, but still has that "turning on (or off) strong emotions at the whim of a cash payment."
I don't think I succeeded as well as I would have, but all in all, it is still a fun little romp in TG captions. In a way, I think it flogs the whole "Doms are nasty and evil people that want to ensnare every man so that their feminist plot will help them take over the world."

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How dis-jarring was the "DING" in the caption for you as a reader? Did you see where the the caption was heading? Did it enhance or distract from your enjoyment?

BONUS: Here is one of the "Ralph and Sam" cartoons.


  1. Old school cartoons are so much more fun than today's cartoons.

  2. Hmm... and the first read through, I completely misunderstood the DING thinking it was some sort of timer that Jillsa had to perform the Blow Job before. With that thought running through my head, I completely missed the change in tone, and continued thinking of them as full time slave/mistress.... which of course didn't match the dialog.

    After readying your write up, I did get the DING, and the change in tone. But to be honest, all of the names kept confusing me. Who is Mr/Ms Smith (I'm assuming Jillisa), Steve (i'm assuming the guy Jillisa is working on), Alex and Dave?

    Maybe my someone dyed my hair blonde without me noticing it, but I'm still a little confused by it. I feel like I jumped in about half way through a story, and therefore missed the setup, and the finale.

  3. Wow! Thanx Caitlyn.

    I have made the adjustment. It was supposed to be Dave in both cases. When using guys in captions, I tend to go with either Dave or Steve since they are short names (I will also use Ian from time to time) and this was just a case of me using both of them by mistake.

    The correction has been posted here and will be done in Jillisa's folder as well.

    Good catch!