Sunday, June 12, 2011

An Easy Diagnosis

Its a nice, simple approach to captioning. Take the picture, and just elaborate on what you see. Let everything breathe, and know when to prune down what you have written.

I think this would've made a wonderful Bob Newhart show episode, don't you think? It is the voice I hear when I read the psychologist's monologue. I guess Frasier Crane would fit as a voice also.

I can remember thinking about adding the line, "Gwen? Please hold all my calls and cancel all my appointments." but it just didn't need to be there.

I know that, realistically, this panel is nothing more than a "rimshot" caption, but dammit! I LOVE this "rimshot" caption!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I made this for BimboJessica who is/was a good friend of mine. It is the kind of caption I would make for her, or Petra, or another close friend. Would you have some apprehension making a caption like this for someone you didn't know very well? It is definitely sexy and fun, but I'm not sure I would give it to a newbie.  Do you really need a familiarity with the recipient, or does this stand on its own enough to be a return caption for a first-timer?


  1. Eh, eh, eh it's certainly hot and direct to the point Dee... Wait you won't be doing anything like this to me "giggle"...

    Okay i think you need to know a person before you decide to risk over something, especially if sex is involved or a joke no one will caught but your friend, there is also the issue that only your friend will get to know you for real and will surely hit your buttons big times...
    A random aim can work, but getting the directions i think it's better, so short answer no i think i would like to impress a newbie with something great then i would try on something more close... "personal" ^^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Hmm... well you know that I write caps that are longer by default. But even so, I think the first cap for someone should do some more exploring... kind of finding out what they like and what they don't like. While I would love a cap like this, its becasue I know you get me, and can write out a small story like this, knowing where to leave holes for my imagination to fill in.

    If new person made me this cap, I would be warry of saying that I like it iwth to much gusto, even if I really do like it. I have no idea if htey just got a lucky guess in, or if they KNEW where I wanted my buttons pushed, and where I could push my own buttons.

  3. "Good evening, Andrew. I'm listening..."

    A lovely short cap but I don't think I would make it for someone I didn't know very well. Normally I try to be a chameleon and go for something close to a person's preferences but I would only try something as experimental on someone I knew well. I do have a cap in my mind that is a little odd and although I've considered doing it for someone I haven't capped before, I would feel safer with a friend.

  4. Dear, I like the freshness of the caption and I like the idea under it, as you said, also if I don't know the voice of the persons you indicated.

    About the question, i agree with Alectra, if the caption is touching something personal or something that can be "disturbing2 for the friend or the person. While, if the caption is more general, well, you can only know the basis inclinations of the person to let her/him have a good time with it.

  5. Well, since we mostly agree ... I guess the next question would be if YOU would be miffed or offended if you received this as a "first caption" made for you by someone that didn't know you well.

  6. Hmm interesting follow up Dee. I try to never be offended at a cap someone makes for me. This cap doesn't really hit any of my sweet spots, so I wouldn't enjoy this particular cap. I guess it would depend on who was making this for me. If it were someone new to capping I may just let it slide with a heartfelt thank you (thanking them for the effort), and follow them to see if this is their style. If it is a long time capper that seems to hit peoples prefs, but missed mine, I might send them a PM letting them know that it didn't hit me, but that I appreciate the effort.

    But that is for this particular cap. I know how well you can sum up a situation in a short bit of words, so I know that you COULD hit my prefs in a similar style cap.