Friday, June 24, 2011

Piano Lessons make the (Wo)man

I am going from memory, since I can't access the Haven right now, and I haven't heard from the server company to say if something crashed, perhaps its just slow. Usually I just cruise the Haven and pick out a caption then write about it.

This was made for Terri, and I found the picture while looking for fancy dress photos, which is one of her preferences. Here is where I admit that I took my inspiration from Pop Culture. Seeing this photo, I immediately thought about the Family Guy episode where Lois gives piano lessons, and Stewie has it rigged where if the child plays wrong, the piano will blow up. Abject fear is a good way of teaching, don't you think? LOL

Anyway, as someone who took years of piano lessons, teachers are always harping on keeping your wrists in position and the posture to play correctly. I just channeled all my hatred for them into this caption, figuring that since the teachers seemed to be stern taskmasters, why not HAVE an actual dominatrix? I actually at one point was being taught by a nun, who had a ruler that she would use to lift my wrists up if they were sagging, or run it along my back if I was slouching.

The story came real easy to me, with the whole one upping the situation until it was ludicrous. I can't imagine that this would ever happen in real life, unless it was a kinky fetish thing. The picture is also vague enough that it could be a boy in the outfit wearing a wig? Something that is grounded in reality but is beyond what we'd expect to see. I think we all want to see that in a TG caption, right?

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  Its Friday afternoon and I've had a hard week. How about you ask me some questions, either in regards to captioning or whatever? I will check in fairly consistently and answer as honestly as I possibly can.


  1. Seriously are you asking for questions Dee? "giggle"

    Inquirer mode!

    Do you think you would be able to recognize a captioner style from a bunch of differents captions and even name the captioner himself/herself?

    End of Inquirer mode!

    Now onto the cap...

    It does really show a vague aura to the pic and enough to fill in many, many fantasies...
    I can already think of many possible scenarios up ahead... okay thats my dirty mind at work full speed!
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I don't know anything about playing the piano or piano lessons, but I do know caps, and that is a wonderful one. I think your text fit perfectly and emphasized the photo. I agree the photo is just vague enough that without the text, I may not think of TG/CD, but the text doesn't stretch the imagination around the photo.

    Hmm.. you want a question eh?

    What would you do for a Kondike... no.. but seriously.

    What do you picture for the cappers around you? I'd like to know more than just me, but as an example, when you read something from me, are you picturing 'Caitlyn' a girl? Or Calvin a boy?

  3. @ Alectra

    If they weren't trying to hide their style .. YES I think I could have a good idea of who made a certain caption. The only proviso would be that it can't be a "standard" Comic Life caption, as those tend to be very generic. People often use the same fonts and design. Usually there is a certain point of view and narrative style inherent to most people.


    Interesting question! I don't picture anyone as a guy unless that is their persona. I tend to think of them as they represent themselves through the avatar and their preferences.

    I figure that most people do the same thing, which is why I strive to keep my avatars consistent throughout the time I've been on the Haven. I think I mentioned in the comments on your blog that the pictures I use come from someone I vaguely knew from LiveJournal. I don't use those avatars here because I don't have permission (obviously) to use her image, but figure it is ok in a closed group like the Haven. Here I am using a picture that sort of looks like it, but not quite.

    @ everyone

    I will definitely keep answering questions, but take a crack at the ones already posted. It would be interesting to see what others think.