Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gush for me, Sissy Staci ! Gush!

Wanted to go back a bit for a caption from 2009. I know a few friends of mine are having writer's block issues, and I wanted to show what I do when I have trouble coming up with captions.

This caption is absolutely nothing revolutionary at all. Relatively attractive model with great legs, in a pose that leads to both the title and the last line in the story. The person requesting this wanted Ashley somehow in on the transformation if I remember correctly, so I made her the other person in the conversation. Even the mental "trap" has been done before I think, with "A" event leading to "B" event which makes "A" happen again, in an endless loop. Catch 22's are great TG plot devices!

The main reason I am posting this caption is to show that its often hard to reinvent the wheel. I am pretty sure that I will at some point create a caption that is probably a rehash of this one, or at least uses this as a common ancestor. The names will be changed, and I'm sure the plot point would be different, perhaps the "trap" will focus on something else, or I'll have a really good stinger to end the caption. The main point is that I don't think its a big deal to do this. Each caption will still be judged on its own merit, and not how "original" it necessarily is.

Or looking at this old caption might lead me in a whole different direction..When I looked at this caption while thinking about making a new post here, I thought "hmmm, if I did this one over, I'd probably focus more on the red toe nails poking through sandals. Perhaps I've got a picture that is like this, that has cute toes and a pose in the same style. From there, I can see that the sissy was sent to an elite school, perhaps the mom knew about the curriculum, or maybe she didn't. She's extremely nervous about seeing her mom for the 1st time (homecoming?) and hoping mom will take her home and end this feminization. Even though she's dressed like a girl, its her painted toes that is most embarrassing to her, especially since SHE is the one that did them, on her own initiative! If mom found out, she'd be SOOO embarrassed! Even more if mom found out that one of teachers had found her with her legs wrapped around a girl's (or boy's) neck. She feels a stirring in her panties when thinking about that boy/girl between her legs as she pictures those painted toes of hers, encased in heels, up in the air around her lover's neck.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Is there really anything wrong with recycling plots you've used before? Is it really the same caption, if you vary the points of view, type of transformation, timing, protagonists, and other things? Did the new scenario I just wrote up above give you a warm, gushy feeling somewhere down below?


  1. Some elements are just unavoidable. Mainstream writers re-hash elements of older writers and even of their own work, so I would hardly expect anything different from people who are making TG captions!

    I know I've consciously and subconsciously reused plotlines in captions. I inwardly groan when I notice it but sometimes I purposely do it to see if I can improve upon the original idea.

  2. I don't think there is anything wrong with recycling plots that you've used before. And I'll even broaden that... I don't think that there is anything wrong with recycling plots that anyone has used before. I read somewhere that there is only seven basic plots. All literature, books, comics. movies, television series and yes even caps can be pared down to one of these seven (or three, or twenty... more here: http://www.ipl.org/div/farq/plotFARQ.html).

    By that reasoning, there are no original ideas. There is just original presentation. And while I think it would be in bad taste to take a cap from someone, change a few words and re-post this cap as yours... I don't think taking the basic idea/plot/theme is a bad thing.

    And I definitely hear ya Dee. Part of my recent writers block did come from not wanting to use the same old idea over again. I wanted to make something new... something better. Your post inspired me to go out and just damn well create a cap. Don't worry about length/audience/originality or any of the other things that previously sapped the creative energy from me. I did it!

    Thank you for the post, and thank you for all the great conversations.

    P.S... I really like that idea you posted about the sissy being sent to some school and worrying about painting his toes before his mom came to visit!!

  3. I think it can lead to really inventive stuff when you rehash plots and characters. It can lull readers into a comfort zone so they aren't prepared for the next twist. I do that with Smitty all the time.

  4. I like to take plots already used and take them further, i think that made them really more funny and interesting as some sort of short novel :3
    So i don't see the problem in making advance an old plot, another entirely thing is using the same plot for different unrelated stories, it's better to think it over and make something new if you plan in doing another story, but that my opinion.
    Hugs and kisses Alectra...

  5. I really truly started noticing it as I became an adult. My daughter would watch the Disney Channel or Nick, and I would tell her what happened before it did, She thought I was some sort of mind reader, but I was like, "Um sweetie, this was done on Gilligan's Island 40 years ago." or "This particular show (Lizzie McGuire) is pretty much a homage to Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off" all wrapped into a half hour.