Sunday, May 26, 2024

It's All Greek to Me!

It's a Sunday. and I've got some allergies, but I don't totally falafel today!

Yes, that is not quite a Greek foodstuff, but hey .. if you were actually paying attention to the columns in the captions, I'm pretty sure they are Doric, and not Ionic, but that makes the entire premise of my zinger faulty. Besides, it's still keeping in the traditional line of thinking in Alanis' epic song anyway!

I tried to stuff as many Greek references as possible, like the "Eureka! I have found it!" quote by Archimedes, who came up with the idea of buoyancy, something that Demetria would have agreed with, considering the amount of water displacement her boobs would have made in the hot public bathhouses. There's also reference to the golden mean, Grecian formula (my grandfather used to use that hair dye!) the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite (who didn't want her hidden temple discovered!) and of course, the Hellenistic version of my name .. from Dementia to Demetria. 

I had a blast making this caption, and the image is actually AI generated. Any weirdness in the fingers is the result of me trying to remove the watermark at the bottom. 

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend, if you have one, and I'll be back in a few days with more TG caption goodness. You feta believe that!

So many good rock / metal songs that I could have chosen here, but I have to go with one of my favorite bands, Iron Maiden. They could possibly be the most "literate" heavy metal band out there, and it's hard not to learn something when you read their lyrics.


  1. I'd like to put my cock between her lovely two thighs! Zoe

  2. I had a blast blast reading it too. Greek mythology sounds very intriguing, I must investigate it.

    1. The gods are lustier than the humans, trust me on that!