Wednesday, February 28, 2024

A Whole New Body Design .. New AI Technology Done Right!

,, and sometimes a program design error is not a bug, it's a feature!

I've had a busy week, and it's been hectic here for a few different reasons that I probably shouldn't get into, because it's honestly not that interesting; other than it leads into the fact that I didn't have a caption at all to post about 20 minutes ago, and I like to have something up around 8 PM EST on Wednesdays and Sundays, if at all possible. It's a mental timetable I have in my head that usually can be accomplished on a normal week. This post will probably be completely written and published to the blog maybe 20 minutes after it was completed. Talk about cutting it close to the wire!

So, I figured, why not give it a shot to see if I can make a quickie caption that was funny and slightly witty, and tie it all in with a current pop culture reference? And one of the last images I'd saved to my computer was this one, which is AI generated, but a lot of fun to look at. The plot came to me at once, and I guess you could say that it IS sort of ironic that this picture does not have the issues that I bring up as my zinger / punch line, while there are so many that I could have used. I guess that just raises the internal humor slightly in my mind.

I hope you enjoy it. I have a feeling that I'll be short on time over the next 7+ weeks or so as tax season heats up, and I help out a friend that prepares taxes for others. We shall see. Sometimes it makes my head spin with all the forms and figures that I end up dealing with that makes me wish that I had Dolly's form and figure .. and brains too! Well, we can all dream, right?

A few quick notes .. I named her Dolly because of the big titties, and also because the 1st cloned sheep was named Dolly. Thought that would be fun to refer to both, since I'm such a trivia geek.

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