Sunday, September 24, 2023

Finally Starting to Adjust ..

.. not sure which part of the five stages of grief this is .. acceptance might not be enough!

Kaitlyn came back to the Haven after being away for awhile, and this was me welcoming her back with open arms, and crotchless panties! I'm so happy that people can come back and say hi whenever they want. As part of my admin duties on Rachel's Haven, I just moved someone from the inactive folder to active, as she just made a new caption for someone .. the last time she posted a caption was 16+ years ago, January 2007! Who said you can't go home again?!?

The first caption I made for Kaitlyn was back in June of 2009, so we do go back quite aways. Found it, so I might as well post it here too.

Just a bit of somewhat clever wordplay, but it was an introductory caption as I wasn't quite sure what her preferences were at the time. Still, it did the job and we've traded a bunch since then.

This new one .. I was just having fun with the image and what it told me was happening. And I love that the roomie is all talk when he walks in, but is flustered when he comes upon Blake dressed up like that, or maybe it's because she's not very much dressed up at that moment. It shows that he does care about Blake, and is protective, and wasn't planning on taking advantage of the situation. So in that sense, it's now Blake that has agency, and can make her own decisions. Turning the tables, and becoming empowered, even though she is taking on the housewife role.

Hope everyone is doing well. If you haven't seen it yet, please do check out Such a S!ssy 2, which has a link to the right side of my page. Mrs. K, the wife of the late S!ssy Kaaren, has been uploading never before seen posts that Kaaren wrote herself. It's such a wonderful gift that Mrs. K is giving us, while hopefully she gets something out of it too. I am sure it's cathartic .. and so much appreciated that she is sharing a bit more of Kaaren with us. She was such a pleasure and a treat, and the world is a much sadder place now that she's not here to keep up on our toes! Actually click HERE and it'll take you right to it!

Catch up with you in a few days. Please do comment on the caption, and if you have any choices for what you'd like to see me post about next, leave it below!

Sucks what they did to Mick Mars, but Motley Crue in their prime was a blast to watch. I haven't seen them live since the mid 2000's, but the concerts are a lot of fun to take part in.


  1. Just love her choice of lingerie!!!!!! I'd make dinner out of her in no time! Zoe

    1. I am sure she's fine with that, Zoe as long as you go back for seconds!

  2. Dee, I'd make an eight (ate) course meal out of her! Zoe