Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Hot Tub Sex Machine .. Buy One at Mentia's Pool Palace!

Just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend .. Tit's the Breast Deal You Cans Get This Year!

I guar-an-damn-teet it! You won't be-cleavage it!

Wrote this up a few weeks ago, right when I found the picture. Definitely a woman in her 30's with big tits and looking to party! Then of course, I thought of Milhouse's Dad, Kirk Van Houten, and the idea of a divorced guy trying to live his mid-life crisis the best he can, and how it could go horribly wrong, but oh-so-right for us!

And I'm not sure if you caught something in the dialog. I was (1) being coy about it, and (2) I ran out of space .. but I wanted to imply that neon guy/future neon girl was the one that broke up the other guys marriage, although he wouldn't admit it to his friend. That definitely brings a revenge factor in that wasn't particularly in my mind UNTIL I hit the end, and thought it'd work better to tie things up that way. 

It's not a problem if you didn't get that inference, and I don't think it harms the story in any way otherwise, but within the scales of justice, it makes the male friend less slimy/dickish if he's getting "her" back in the best way possible. Sort of a karmic retribution, instead of more standard asshole behavior.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, any sort of fetish / genre you'd like to see covered by me in the next month? Tell me, and perhaps I'll put it on the agenda!

Oh, this is a great listen, especially if you know German .. or turn on close captions / translate .. and it fits in with the caption! Isn't that strange that Dee would do something like this? Expose you to good new music AND make everything tie together nicely into a little bow! Gern geschehen!


  1. Great idea Dee! Think you would have quite a captive market. Only thing is need to control the size of tits. Way to big! Zoe

    1. Well, we don't want any of our customers to drown, so we offer very buoyant breasts so they'll always float to the top!

  2. Good comeback Dee! Zoe