Tuesday, February 1, 2022

I've Never Used "In the Pink!" as a Caption Title Before?

Hmmmm, that would seem like a fait d'accompli, right? Well, I guess I can use it then!

This caption is hereby officially entitled, "In the Pink!" And NONE in the stink!

I'm sure this picture has been used by others that make TG captions. He'll, it's probably been used by those who make AR captions too. I mean, there are certain photos that just lend themselves to the art of captioning, and this is probably somewhere on that list.

Let's hope that my plot doesn't fall too close to anyone else's .. though once again, I'm sure that wouldn't be TOO hard to do. There's just a bunch of elements in the image that just leads you down a certain path, and it's mostly from where you start that differs, and everyone tends to end up in the same spot at the end.

But I think it was best just to lean into it and not go against the grain. Most people have just worked the first two days of the week .. and this is good escapism for a Tuesday night / Wednesday morning viewing. The color scheme reminds me of T-Mobile, who runs special offers on Tuesdays, so maybe this is branding?!? That could add a layer as to how this whole set-up in the caption happened to 'poor' Andrew, right? And I say that because, I honestly am not sure of how he became Annie at all. Viral Marketing sounds like as good an idea as any. What says you, O Blog Readers of Mine?!? Tell me how this happened in the comment section below!


  1. Aha I love this. Here's is what I think happened. Andrew wondered why his sister loved Barbie so much. He 'borrowed' it earlier the previous day. Some magic by he doll and here we have Annie who now has new feelings for her friend Trey.

    1. Sounds good to me. Like a brother back from college or something? Makes sense.