Saturday, February 26, 2022

If I Was Watching This Video, Instead of Starring in It, I'd be VERY Turned On!

Well, then again, I'm sure you're turned on by being in the video as well!

Wanted to do a scenario that I hadn't done before, and I was pretty sure that I have not done women's wrestling videos as a plot device in the past. I know it's a thing, as I do go to places like Pornhub and such, and back in the 90's, I worked at a local flea market as a vendor, and they'd have these sorts of women's wrestling VHS videos shot in hotels being sold in the porn stalls. I don't think this picture is from one of those, but it has that feeling.

And I even incorporated the big smile on Emmi's face, which elevated the caption a bit more, as some people really love tickling as a fetish too. Most everything came together nicely here.

Well, except for the font / text design. When doing text on picture, it can be hard to get everything to mesh properly, and use colors correctly. I am not sure I like the way I have it set up. IT seems to clash somewhat, and takes away from the picture, which should work in balance with the words, and I think that clashes too much.

What sayeth you? Please give me your thoughts on the whole gestalt of the caption. I'm hoping that Terri likes it because it was made for her, but it's so much more rewarding if others like it too.

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  1. Looks wonderful! What a sexy picture. Who doesn’t love some pantyhose!