Monday, February 21, 2022

Going to Miss Ashlee (TotalDitz) Posting Her Captions Everyday!

So, here's a caption I made for her, hoping that I can keep her in Ashlee mode for a bit longer!

Ashlee's been a LONG TIME friend of mine for many years now, going back to Rachel's Haven. Here's one of the first few captions I made for her back in January of 2011.

I am not sure if she had picked out the picture or not, but it was definitely one of her go-to preferences, being forced to dress up in a girl's costume for Halloween.

So, anyway, Ashlee is stepping away from the daily (or weekly) TG captioning, along with her Patreon page etc .. but at least is keeping the blog up and running. As per her write up, she may post from time to time if the mood strikes her, but it definitely isn't going to be a regular thing anymore. Here's another favorite of mine that I've made for Ashlee.

I am certainly going to miss her, as she was one of the few Havenettes that I was still chatting with at least somewhat regularly. We'd bounce ideas off each other and keep up to date on what's been going on .. and I really did enjoy her preferences too, so we meshed really well when it came to caption trades.

And I really could post like 80 percent of the captions I've made for her that I've really enjoyed making (You should be able to find them by searching out "Ashlee" or "Totalditz" in the search bar.) It was never a chore to "HAVE" to make a return caption for Ashlee, and I would look forward to seeing a caption in my folder on the Haven. I knew that I'd be getting something I enjoyed reading.

And I can't guarantee it, but I'm pretty sure that this UNO caption won't be the last one I make for her. I just know that I'll see a photo somewhere, and I'll just know exactly who it's for .. Ashlee. Hopefully she'll check in here now and again and see if I have something whipped up for her that might give her a shiver up her spine.

Enjoy your retirement Ashlee! But I'm always up for a rematch in Uno or Old Maid's. Maybe Blackjack .. but if we play that, I'm sure you'll stay if your cards are under 18! Just the way you'd want it!

Please do discuss any of the captions I've posted above starring Ashlee, or mention another favorite one from my blog down below. What did you most enjoy about Ashlee's blog, patreon page or stories for sale on Amazon? Definitely give her a shout-out!

And, do you think that Ashlee lost fair and square, or was she thinking of those bad boys again, and threw the game on purpose? Let us know down below!

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