Friday, December 17, 2021

Good Men Don't Wear Plaid! But Little Girls Can!

Make sure you clean your browser cookies now and again. Santa and other security breaches could happen!

I don't recall making too many 'age regression into children' Christmas captions that I've made (You can see this one from December 2017 HERE!) so when I saw this photo, I thought that it'd make a great caption for this years 12 Captions of Christmas Extravaganza. I'm hoping it hits the spot for a number of visitors here, because I got to lean into the main character more than I thought I would, and perhaps it will make some of you squirm in all the right ways. 

And perhaps that might be something I tackle again in the new year .. dressing as a female in matching clothing with someone else, be it a mother, sister, daughter, wife, etc .. Let me know if that would be amenable to you the readers down in the comments. 

And hey, maybe some of this scenario will happen to you in real life. If so, I definitely want to hear about it!

OMG! Here's a weird thing that happened as I was typing this up. The GF messaged me, "Our matching PJ's just came in! And mine are even softer than yours!" Not really sure what to make of that! LOL You tell me?!?

If it's plaid, it's just got to be "Oi to the World" performed by No Doubt!


  1. I'm not sure about the rest of you but make that dress a couple of sizes bigger and I'd love to wear it!!!! It's just my style!!!
    And matching pj's is just about the cutest thing I've heard today!!!
    Only thing cuter would be matching babydolls!!!
    Loving your holiday run Dee!!!

  2. You and the protagonists may be terrified but will be super cute I’m sure.