Sunday, December 12, 2021

Dee's Holiday Dance .. It's the Time of the Season for Christmas Captions!

Welcome to the return of a wonderful Holiday tradition! At LEAST 12 days of Christmas Captions!

Well, it's going to be 12+ days of Christmas captions. I am going to stack an extra one into a few of the posts!

I think I'm around 70+ Christmas captions since I started making one quite a long time ago, and there's at least 13 made now for this year. Weird how you have more time to create when there's no one else living with you during the week, and you head out to the new GF's house on the weekends.

And this year, we run the gamut again when it comes to what sort of Christmas Cheer we are going to get into: we've got some "nice" and "sweet" stuff and some naughtier things too; we've got Age Regression, Latex Clothing, bimbos, justice from Mother Nature, POV, Cuckolding, Holiday Balls, Sexy Angels, and I possibly make Santa my bitch .. metaphorically of course! Stay tuned!

You also have a shot at being my ex-boyfriend .. well for a little while at least! Here's how you can "win" a caption starring you this holiday season: Find a caption that has no comments on it .. the easiest way is to click on the "Zero Post" spot in the "Dee-tails and Entrails" section on the right hand side (or below if using a cell phone) .. and then, LEAVE AN ACTUAL COMMENT! Something to do with the post itself or the caption contained within it, and leave your male / female name at the bottom. By my count, there are 26 captions without a comment. So leave a comment there, and you are in the running to be my ex! How will I decide? Maybe I'll pick a random number and whichever one you are, then you will star in it! Perhaps I'll be sappy and put each and every one of you in the caption! Who knows?!?


  1. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, especially in the world of TG captions. Great cap!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes you have to "let" the other person win!