Sunday, December 5, 2021

Closets Bursting with Women's Clothing? What a Steal!

I think my first apartment was smaller than that closet!

Not sure there is much to say about this. No real subtext that I can see. Saw this picture and had the idea come to me, and I just fleshed it out. I ended up going a bit flowery with the language of the caption. Sometimes it's good to switch up the approach to writing, so it doesn't always seem the same between captions.

And looking back at this now as I'm writing up the post to be uploaded on Sunday night .. I am not quite sure if a physical change happened. Now, you are seeing a woman in the caption, but that COULD be just the way he feels, like a woman, and that is how he sees himself in the mirror while getting dressed up. You just KNOW there has to be a big mirror there in that closet.

But I'm guessing that you will all tell me how you are reading it. Leave a comment down below and tell me what happens next, and just how was he able to get a wish fulfilled there.

Why did I pick this song? Not sure, but I mentioned arms in the caption and I happened to think of this song!
Not every musical choice needs to be inspired, right? LOL


  1. I remember as a teenager I knew where the panty drawer was in every friends sisters rooms....I was always astonished by the sexy wispy things that the girls were allowed but was denied to me because I had a tiny cock between my legs...
    I was always in awe of the pretty things that they wore...the options that they had...the colors of the rainbow....opening up a woman's closet was like entering a new world for me...a far prettier world than I lived in!!!
    Loved the cap Dee...sorry I haven't been commenting...I've been crazy busy lately and no matter how much I get done I always seem to leave things for tomorrow!!!
    I'll try to be more diligent in giving you feedback!!!
    I found myself today with the rarity of some extra time!!!
    So what better way to spend it than sending a note to a friend!!!

    1. Wondering what happened to you recently. Wasn't sure if you and Mrs. K had moved. I've not been around much on the weekends as I usually spend them with the new GF, so I don't get to see the Saturday Matinee until Monday or Tuesday.

      So glad you had some time to drop in and say hi! I've got Xmas captions coming soon so you'll definitely have to pop in to see them. BTW, have you kidnapped Sally Bend? Haven't seen her around in a while either!

  2. You mean there are people who wouldn't want all that gorgeous clothing anyway? I'm not sure what would happen next but I guess if it was one of mine she would end up owning the apartment or sharing it with her - now twin - sister

    1. Seriously wondering if those are actual fashionable clothing, or knockoffs. I'm sure most readers of this blog wouldn't care!