Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A Naughty Little Surprise .. Nobody Doesn't Like Brenda Lee!

To all those people who started playing Christmas music WAY TO EARLY!

First things first .. if you are/were a captioner on the Haven .. We are doing the 25 Captions of Christmas event again, for the 11th year! And we certainly have some gaps where no one has chosen a day yet to post a Holiday caption. If you have time to make a Christmas caption, please head to the have and find the posting in the "Trading Area - You Cap Me, I Cap You" section and sign up for an open date .. then just come back that day and post your caption as a reply. I'm hoping we get some people who haven't been on the Haven in quite some time to come back and leave us a great present!

I wanted to start off December by finally giving people permission to start playing Christmas songs. I know a friend that lost the "Whamageddon" challenge three weeks ago! Luckily, the official rules state that the game doesn't actually start until today, December 1st, so they are still technically in it to win it in not hearing "Last Christmas" by Wham.

So, this caption was originally posted back on December 23, 2014. So if you weren't around then (Leeanne, Kaaren and Helena commented originally) this creation is new to you! Here is most of what I said back then:

Made this one last week, as I saw the picture and said, "I haven't seen many Christmas bondage captions!" so I definitely wanted to work with that idea. Earlier that day, I hit a store to pick up some sort of loose item and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" came on over the loudspeaker and I cringed, especially since it followed another one of my least favorite songs, "Wonderful Christmas Time" which makes me wonder if Paul McCartney sold his sold to the devil, and Old Pitch's revenge is that he could only write really good songs until 1972 or so.

I used the hatred for songs like those and focused it into my caption, and still had fun. You know that if you had me as your dominatrix, you'd have to be on your toes, because other than the ballet boots you'd have to mince around in, I would be cracking wise, and any outbursts of laughter would result in at least a small spanking, or perhaps a few swats with my riding crop.

From the reference (sorta) of Hermie the Elf to the last line, its dripping with sarcasm and snark, and isn't that what the commercial version of Christmas is all about? I think most people have a few Christmas songs they like, and that they never hear because the mall is pumping out drivel to keep the people in line moving. Its sad to think that the Grinch special is nearly 50 years old and if anything, its gotten worse.

Anyway, I didn't write this as a comment on the negative parts of Christmas, I made it for fun and to have people smile. Plus I had written a few "NICE" Christmas captions and wanted to balance them out somewhat so people wouldn't think I went soft!

I don't plan on posting any more Christmas captions until I am committed to ONLY posting them through to Christmas Day. Last year, that was December 14th and I posted a caption for each day leading up to Dec 25 .. and then had left overs too! I guess that is what happens when pandemics are running wild and you have plenty of time on your hands! So far I have 9 made, though a few are more of a quickie than anything else. We'll see if I catch some more Christmas spirit in the mean time!


  1. OOohhhh... "Oh Cum, all Ye Faithful.... or is that faceful? (George Carlin said that was the only song that blended religion and sex...)

    After all those Logs, Yule be lucky to be walking right by New Years....

    1. Thanks for the head's up! You'll be the one to receive the 2021 Christmas Caption giveaway. We'll see if anyone else writes a comment in a Zero Post.

    2. Thanks. I apologize for whatever Frank did to you....