Sunday, November 7, 2021

His Mother-In-Law Is a Real Witch!

Where did the Flintstones get the whole term, "She's a real battleaxe!" as an insult?!?

Ahhhh, nothing like fulfilling an old stereotype in a caption, though I'm sure there's always that sort of Mother in Law issue with both sides of a marriage. Usually you can learn to co-exist. My current GF's mother passed away about 2 years ago, my mom died almost 30 years ago, and my forever person had lost her mom back about 7 years ago .. so I haven't really had to deal much with one in quite some time.

The irony in all that is that I think my forever person's mom liked me more than she did her own daughter. Sort of a shame, but it can happen. That or maybe the ex-hubby was such an asshole, I looked good no matter what I did. Most of the other potential MiL's really couldn't stand me, and I didn't like them much either. Not for nothing, but my daughter's babymommy's mother (not any of the previous women I mentioned) called her the "child of Satan" and we were never sure if that was implying if *I* was Satan, or perhaps she was Satan .. or most likely, both!

So, anyway, you results mar vary depending on what you members of my community think about your own Mother-in-Laws. Please let me know in the comments how well you get along with yours, and how well your significant other deals with YOUR maternal figure.

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