Sunday, October 17, 2021

Realistic TG Captions? You're Not a Fan?

Well, fantastical captions do have their place as well, but it still needs to be grounded in some reality!

The picture just drew something out of me, and it was a bugaboo I've had for a long time now. I have read thousands of TG stories, captions, and other various forms of content, and there is nothing worse than writers who don't know the subject matter. I try not to be too guilty of it, but I'm sure I do it occasionally too, especially when leaning on "magical" means of transformation, but .. some things cannot just be taken care of right away.

Walking in heels in one of them. Hell, I know a bunch of women that still cannot walk in heels .. low heels. Never mind the slutty stuff you see in porn, or even fashionable photography. There is lots of practice involved and a good sense of balance. I've had lesbians at my former work compliment me on how well I walked in my Rocky Horror heels, and that she'd never be able to do it like I do. My forever person had feet issues and wouldn't use any sort of heel, as it would definitely hurt. One of my best friends was a ballerina and she thinks heels are stupid in general, and will wear them occasionally for the sake of artifice and to look slimmer, but will definitely complain about it.

You just don't slide a pair on and get good at getting around in them. Case closed!

Then of course is the whole thing about boob size and just what the numbers and letters mean when it comes to sizing a bra. There is also the issue of that thing Newton "discovered" called GRAVITY. Breasts are made out of flesh and fat, or at least things that resemble that if the boobies aren't real. They aren't filled with helium or air. AND you don't often see a larger number for a bust with a tiny number for the waist, as most women have actual proportions. Here is another hint .. most women do NOT like their breasts. Most either think they are too big, or two small, or too saggy, or too pointy or their nipples are weird, etc ..

Hmmmm, seem to have gotten off on a rant. Hopefully you can tell me some things that you see in TG fiction or captions that irks you, and can put you off from continuing to read. 

I'll start with one right here .. If your voice went up a few octaves, you would probably be talking so that only dogs or perhaps dolphins might understand you. Listen to Mariah Carey sing and then listen to her talk. She has a huge range of notes, but you don't TALK in an upper range, but where it's comfortable. Trained voices can usually sing in a range of 2 octaves. It's other things like breath control, timbre, vibrato, vocal fry and intonation that can make someone sound younger and more female. For instance, an upspeak or uptalk is the way that younger girls will often sound like, where at the end of a sentence, the voice goes up in pitch, and it often sounds like a question, even if they are making a statement. 

So anyway, that is harder to do in a caption, so perhaps we fall into the trap of, "and her voice raised up 2 octaves" instead. PLEASE let me know of others, and do talk about the caption as well.

Extra question, what is the best example of "My Fair Lady" or "Pygmalion" that you have seen or read involving someone making a guy into a girl? Figured I might want to check some of them out!


  1. I agree with the sentiment that some characters adapt far too quickly to things that even people who've been women for their wholes lives never adapt to. I always try to make sure there's a learning curve for my characters, always a line about stumbling in unfamiliar heels or remarking at their voice or something.

    And funny that you mention "My Fair Lady" because I started writing a story based on that for one of those interactive story sites ( Although I doubt you can see it because they're very stingy with their non-registered/membershipped users, but I never got that far into it, since I find the fun of interactive stories comes from collaboration and no one was collabing on that one.

    1. I tried to do the CYOA type stories almost 20 years ago or so? YIKES! Anyway, the problem for me is that half the intriguing branches weren't written yet, and I was more about seeing where all the different tendrils went. Have you tried to turn it into a stand-along story to post on Fictionmania or something like that? Could be interesting to read!

  2. I hear you on these typical tropes and the misuse of them. But there is an issue with text length and getting the point across in language that is curt and descriptive enough that people understand what you are talking about. Its the same reason why hollywood does things in a particular way that make no sense in a realistic portrayal.

    Also for things like vocal range, the actually verbage to describe it correctly is something I cant even recall seeing anyone do right. I wouldnt know how to, and I understand all the talk about vocal fry and pitch. Saying your transformed person now had the shorter vocal cords of a woman would be my only guessm

    1. I totally get the whole shorthand using tropes to set-up a plot in captions .. I often use them myself. And because we often are "slaves" to the images that we use, there are many times things we have to explain away. It's a shame that we can't move beyond some of the more obvious ones .. I will honestly stop reading a caption whenever I see, "What's the matter, Rob? I mean, Boobs McDuck!" Yes, I am exaggerating, but now I actually want to use that line in a caption! There are other ways to get someone's male and female name into the flow without whipping out a chestnut like that.

      And it's definitely hard to write dialog that shows the vocal change, other than breaking into Valley Girl speech. I do use that sometimes, along with slang and some affectations where you can drop some consonants or draw them out, ala "Ohhhh, sugah. Ah feel dee-lish wit deez titz!" Maybe words like 'lilt, intonation, timbre, breathy, and melodious' can be used instead. Most of the women I know, their voices aren't that much higher than my own. Unless we are going for an exaggerated sound, like a bimbo or child, maybe we shouldn't reference it?

      Thank you for commenting! Welcome! I am going to check out your blog at some point soon. Hope you find some other captions of mine to enjoy!