Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Mistress Mentia Has Lyndee Trapped Under a Gag Order!

See what I did there in the title? Good! I'm a Deeva in the making!

As was the case when I originally posted this caption just over 5 years ago, it's been as hot as balls the last few days. New England has been doing the highs in the upper 50's to High's in the mid 90's for the last week or two, and it's rough on people's immune systems, along with the outpouring of pollen.

Anyway, due to that, I've not made a caption in a few days, as I've been more of less at the GF's house, which is close to a bay, so it's slightly less warm there, and if I'm going to sweat anyway, why not make it fun by making her perspire with me .. in bed! Well, there's an air conditioner there too, but you know what I meant! I've definitely been rising to the occasion.

So on that note, I figured I would post this caption again, so everyone could just keep their mouths shut and enjoy the beginnings of summer. And unless you are Ian, this just might be NEW to YOU! Here's some of what I said originally:

Is there such a thing as a celebrity dominatrix? I'm not sure if there ever was one, but I'm betting it would be fun to be the first one! So, since I do make captions, I can be whatever I want to be, and dammit, here I wanted to be a celebrity dominatrix that was probably a diva queen too!

Not like Lyndee doesn't get something out of this either! I'm betting she looks and feels a lot better now than she did a few days before. If she did a great job, there is a chance she could become the official photographer! Who wouldn't want to document debauchery for a living? Sign me up!

It honestly is hot as balls in this room. I will be throwing in the AC unit in this room over the weekend, so until then, my time writing these things will be short.

 Hopefully will have something new for everyone on Thursday. Please do comment below about the caption, or ask for requests on what you'd like to see next. I know someone mentioned wanting another wedding caption .. let's see what else all you friends of mine are interested in viewing.

See what I did there? LOL


  1. Remember when the clicking sound in the studio was Chase's shutter, not Lyndee's heels? Wait until Mistress shows you how you must suffer for your art....

    1. Only certain people need to suffer for their art. Not sure that Banksy is hurting in any way, shape or form!

      But Chase? Definitely has to buckle down!

  2. I do love a good caption, and this is a good caprion (duh). I also love Duran Duran (I saw what you did there) but then you probably saw that coming.

    I have to say, it's been a bit warm over the Pond too - no idea what it is in fahrenheit but we've been consistently above 20 celsius each day, which is just mentile and not what I signed up for living in the UK! We're supposed to be rainy and temperate, not dry and hot.

    Glad you have managed to find somewhere cooller to be hot (I'm trying) and been a stand up person. That's even worse, I shall stop trying.


    1. Well, according to an internet conversion chart, 20 Celsius is 68 in Fahrenheit .. so, 90 degrees here is 32.2 in your neck of the woods. At one point over the weekend, it was 94 in my kitchen at 8 PM, so it was 34.4 C here .. which is why I didn't make captions that night!

      Hoping the rain and thunderstorms hit soon, as it's supposed to drop the temp to something more temperate.