Sunday, December 20, 2020

They Call Me Back Door Santa!

If you can't handle what I've got in my sack .. I'll make a few alterations and fill you up all right!

And fill you up all night too!

Not much subtlety or nuance in this caption, I can tell you that. Just a quickie to keep you hot and bothered. I had saved the picture a few years back I think, and when I was looking through my stash, I saw this and starting singing the song .. and boom! I had a caption without much thought involved.

This will definitely be the most naughty caption I post this year. The rest have a bit of sweetness to them, or are more serious, or a combination of naughty and nice. I write what I'm feeling, and that tends to bleed through my creations. I am still very happy with what I've made, and hope you are as well!

Dammit! I used the picture before! Arrgghh! Well, that one starred Kaaren, so this one stars .. anyone who would like to have Santa poking about their posteriors .. or at least want to look like that! I mean, wouldn't you give some nativity nookie to Santa if he gave you THAT gift? It's the least you could do!

I'm just glad that I was able to make so many holiday captions this year. I thought that perhaps I might be stuck for ideas .. I mean, I think I've made at least 70-75 holiday captions since I've started (will be around 63 here on the blog by the time December 25th comes along) and this hasn't been a great year for me, and I get nailed with memories quite a bit at this time of year. My fallback plan for each December going forward is that I can always do a retrospecticus of some of my favorites, and maybe yours too .. captions of Christmas Past so to speak .. and maybe giving some new insight into why I have them as my favorites. Luckily, I have been productive again, so that won't happen until at least next year, hopefully never though! I enjoy making things that bring smiles to people's faces!

What will bring a smile to MY face? How about some nice (or naughty) comments down below!

Well, here's the source material for the caption lyrics!


  1. Might you say she's a ho ho whore for taking his north pole deep and giving him free rein, dear? All I know is the fat man looks awfully jolly, and I suspect he's about to fill her stocking with Christmas cheer!

    1. For a submissive sissy, you sure do have a lot of dad jokes/puns at your disposal! LOL Surprised the Mrs. doesn't have a rule about that when you are dressed. I'm glad you've been around lately. Makes me feel more festive!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, indeed. I just have to ass some silliness to the naughtiness. It's something I learned from my Rachel's Haven friend's from back in the day, Bimbo Jessica and Playin Petra .. and of course Shy Steffie too! Damn I miss them!