Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Decision 2020 - Vance's Resolve!

Why sit on the fence, when you can sit on a bench? True words to live by!

I had the idea and the picture to use with it for quite some time, and VanillaThunder ended up being the recipient of this caption. A fine storyteller, and a captioner too, you can find her blog in the right hand side column in the Dee-generate Bloggers section. Glad she's around and keeping the TG community going strong. We need all the fresh blood we can get!

And speaking of decisions, I think there is some sort of choice being made today that should impact the world. Of course, I'm speaking of the impending arrival of the McRib back into the fabric of America, well at least for a month or so. Yeah, and the presidential elections too I believe.

I'm sure you already know my thoughts on that whole kerfuffle, and I'm looking forward to spending tonight watching something that has nothing to do with politics, and hoping that I wake up tomorrow with a resolution in place. This shit has gone on long enough, and I don't want to have to wait weeks for some shady court ruling. What I want more than anything is a calm, rational plan for the next four years. Pretty sure we WON'T get that, but that would be my second wish if I was allowed 3 wishes.

So enjoy this bench caption, and let's hope that it won't be the last one of 2020. I don't have anything lined up at this moment, but you never know when it'll appear again, awaiting some man to tempt his fate, and place his ass down for a rest.

Hope you all dropped in here for a quick little "blog exclusive" distraction. Leave a comment below, and if you'd like to possibly star in a future bench caption, leave your male/female name and I'll keep you in mind the next time I'm whipping something up!

Just realized that I end the last two caption almost the exact same way! Oh well! It still works, just as a different reference, where this one is more word play oriented with the start of the story.


  1. Ahh! I love it! I'm honored to be immortalized in this hallowed TG caption universe and I appreciate your kind comments, given that I've been following your work for ages, it means a lot. Although I don't think I'm *that* indecisive... but then again maybe I am... but maybe not... ;)

    1. I appreciate anyone that follows my work, and I do like your fiction quite a bit. There's so few well-written and interesting stories on FM anymore, so I am glad you are being productive!

      And I've just noticed that I've been highlighting lots of interesting colored hosiery lately. Wasn't on purpose, just one of those weird quirks when it comes to posting schedules!

  2. Sis, I proudly cast my vote tonight too! I am also fearful for the future of America, especially since I am Asian and do hurt from the racism. But my fears are neither here nor there. I like the cap, Dee, and Alice Cooper rocks! ^^

    1. Glad you voted. Seems that percentage wise, this election saw the most votes since the 1860's or something like that! And I guess that Biden has gotten the most actual votes in history too. Let's see if he gets the actual presidency.

      I've been an Alice Cooper fan for many years. My dad got me into him when I was like ummm, 6 years or so so. Alice always puts on a great show too!