Monday, October 26, 2020

What Constitutes a Pleasant Autumn Weekend?!?

I guess it all depends on your point of view. What says you? C'mon inside and we'll discuss it!

This is a quick little caption I made a week or two ago, with a picture I saw in some random posting online. I thought I had an idea for it, and I think it came out fairly OK. It was made right around the time that my version of Photoshop went tits up .. so I wanted to work on something to make sure things were back to normal caption wise.

I worked my way backwards, starting with the ending / zinger, and then filled in the blanks that way. Mostly a study in contrasts between the old persona and what is now going on. I even left it vague as to how it all happened. I figure that you readers out there are very good at filling in back stories, and I wanted it to be open enough that almost anyone could put themselves in her comfy cozy clothes and enjoy the fuzzy, warm femininity evoked in the source photo.

It's starting to get colder here now, though we had an 80 degree day in the middle of last week. But now for Halloween weekend, we're looking at highs of 43 and a night-time low of 27! That's not Celsius, for non USA type people! More often than not over the last 10-15 years, it's more likely to be 60-70 outside for trick-or-treating than it is to be 30 degrees in the dark. Oh well. Not sure how many kids will be walking around on October 31st anyway, maybe no one, other than Totalditz on her yearly costume roam around the city! Hope it goes well for her!

My weekend, past and next week? Well, spooky movies are on the menu for the entire week. I did a few apartment projects I'd been meaning to work on for almost a year. Cleaned up my SUV, and going to work on GF's car as well. Not sure but I might be selling it when I can officially take ownership. Not sure if I should sell my car and hers, and see if I can get one better car out of it. Also did some cooking, did some audio visual work for a friend, and watched the Patriots stink up the football field. Plan to swap over to winter clothing, clean out a closet and maybe do some last minute stocking up for the coming next wave of Covid, even though it already seems like it's about to hit. So I've been busy.

So, leave comments about the caption, and what's the deal behind the scenes of it .. plus I'd love to know what you all have been doing to feel productive and not bored. I'm trying to keep myself involved with something anyway I can .. there's a long winter ahead where we aren't out of the woods yet. Maybe I'll end up with some ideas on what I can keep my idle hands dirty!

This song makes me so nostalgic for the 90's, but the good parts of them. Not the alcohol benders, nor the heartbreak and dispair .. but just the hope that things will be better. And that did happen, which means that we need hope again, in spades. Maybe that happens a little over a week from now, or at the start of 2021, or maybe a bit further down the line. But there has to be the ray of sunshine ahead to keep that flame alive and burning, so that we can all push through. That is what I get from this song.


  1. I love how you just leave the transformation as a thing that happened a year ago without any explanation of how it happened!!!!
    I like to use my imagination to fill in the blanks and this one is just so wide open you could get dozens of stories out of it!!!
    I don't know how many others enjoy this....I've caught some snippy comments when I leave things to the readers imagination....but I think that people should exercise their imaginations or they lose them!!!!
    I replied to your comment on the last Matinee case you didn't see wife has made up a post primarily for you but she hasn't given me permission to put it up yet and she's been tinkering with it....
    I enjoy it and think it's quite funny and real!
    But she's being uncharacteristically shy and unsure about it....if and when it gets posted you'll know it when you see it!
    Anyway....liked this one a lot!!!!

    1. I'll go check out your reply to my comment when I'm done here. Mrs. K wrote something for me? I'm touched and honored, though now I'm really curious as to what she's been working on. Hopefully it will see the light of day at some point, and look forward to seeing it.

      I definitely try not to overwrite things, or be too wordy. I swear I have ADHD or ADD or something like that, because lots of times, I get bored easily with fiction, or if there is something I'm not fond of, I'll just stop reading right there and then. Sort of happens with movies too. I also like to play with tropes and subvert them if possible, or elaborate upon them if I can .. so just alluding to something works best for me, though since I make captions for many other people, I often have to go beyond where I'd go normally.

      And speaking of fun and having a good imagination, just picture those words being said by Sam Elliott, like with that husky, voice of his .. brings it up a whole 'nother level I think!

  2. I don't know how or why it happen. But a year ago, there was this old book. I read it, in a spam of the weekend. By Sunday night, I finished, then I discovered I wasn't a guy anymore. Things changed but didn't change to. I still so the same things on the weekend but differently. I still read a book or more. Why maybe, maybe I'll find that book to change back or just the love of the books!