Thursday, October 1, 2020

Lacy's a Tall Drink of .. Potion!?!


Well, you know the deal, don't you? Some things shrink more than others!

Made this caption for Lacy, because the picture just shouted out to me that there was a story built into the photo already, and I needed to liberate it for everyone to read.

I love writing dialog between two, loving people, and I think I have captured that aspect particularly well in captions I've made for Lacy in the past, and it continues in this one too. I love banter, and playful teasing, because it's so much fun to write, and hopefully that bleeds through to the finished product.

And it's nice to see someone embracing their current femininity, when I've had to write so many, "Oh my God, I'm a woman! Horrible, freakin' horrible! It's such a punishment," types of captions that I've written in the past. I have no problem making them, but I love changes of pace sometimes .. don't you?

S, I am having a little survery down below, that hopefully people will take me up on. What things would you like to see in TG captions that you haven't seen much of lately, or would like to see a different take .. I am all ears right now, and hopefully I might be inspired by your requests! Leave them in the comments section, along with anything else you'd like to discuss. Now, more than ever, I am looking for some input into what I post in the near future. Bombs away!


  1. What would I like to see?
    Love the cap too!!!!

    1. 6:19 AM? You've been sleeping late. Mrs. K is going to spank you for that. Well, she'd probably spank you anyway, but this is a good reason to do so!

      I have bench pictures available, just need to whip up stories to them. Also have a pre-made one for over a year now, just been waiting for someone to want to star in it that hasn't been featured yet. Maybe I'll hunt someone down!