Tuesday, October 6, 2020

A Voracious Lover ..


She'll never bite off more than she can chew, but she's got a sweet tooth for men!

Made this for Addie Klein, and it was another one of those, trying to get back into a groove, captions with a picture that I'd had saved for awhile, but hadn't done anything with. I don't usually like having guys in a caption, but I thought it was very pertinent to the story I wanted to tell.

It's a play on the whole, "women can have multiple orgasms, in the long haul" trope, which can be true, and I definitely played it up here. I always joked with my beloved that she fucked like a guy, in that she put everything she had into the first fuck, and would often fall asleep afterwards, snoring loudly. Not a bad way to do it, but I was so much better the second time around. The first time, I was in it for the stamina and to get as many orgasms for her as possible, then the encore was strictly a "lets get our rocks off!" pillar to post thrash-about. I definitely miss those days.

So this is a sexy, and fun caption. Nothing more, but I think it's plenty, though not for Addie! I think I'll offer an "Ask Me Anything" in the comment section extending through to Sunday. Post your queries below, and I'll reply as best I can! Or just chat up the caption .. or both!

Rest in Peace, Eddie Van Halen. I never thought he was the greatest of all time, but he probably got more people to pick up a guitar and start playing than EVH did. Horns and halos up!


  1. Sis, great cap! I was sad as well to hear the news of Eddie Van Halen's death. I wasn't exactly the biggest fan of his, but I ever since my first virgin guitar lesson I have learned how to appreciate a good riff up and down the frets. And the fact that Eddie V.H. did the electric guitar improv solo in Michael Jackson's "Beat It" just added a whole new dimension to the song. I read somewhere that Michael personally thanked Eddie for making the song all the better. Rest in peace, MJ and EVH. :)

    I hope that you're having good weather where you live, because it just plain sucks where I'm at!

    1. Yeah, the EVH solo on Beat It is pretty damn iconic, along with the music that scared Marty McFly's dad as a teenager in Back to the Future.

      Michael always seemed to be able to get some good guitarists to play for him, along with EVH, he worked with Steve Stevens, Orianthi and Slash as well.

    2. Marty McFly? You really know your guitarists! Sis, are you are guitar virtuoso? (I've just started on the guitar myself.)

    3. I just realized that I made a typo there. Oops! What I meant to say was: Sis, are you a guitar virtuoso? I have just started guitar lessons myself. :)

    4. I've been in various bands throughout the years and was played a bit on local college radio stations in the past. I've been a singer, bassist and keyboardist in various differing genres of bands too. Mostly vocals and songwriter / lyricist in original bands, though I played bass in those bands too when needed, and done keyboard work in cover / wedding bands.

      Was also a music minor for voice in college. Definitely not a virtuoso by any stretch, more like a jack of all trades, master of none!