Saturday, February 22, 2020

Get In the Ring! One Hot (mo)MMA!

Maybe not a ring post in the future, but definitely some sort of pole!

I was going back through my d'archives to find captions I hadn't posted yet so I could make sure they weren't lost. I do that sometimes, where I will make something, possibly with a person that hasn't been around in awhile on the Haven; and I'll hold off posting it then, in the hopes that they'll come back soon and start captioning again.

I had Brandon Armstrong in mind back in September when I created this, but if he didn't come back, and someone else that was into physical fitness, I could re-purpose it for them. Well, it's now 6 months later and .. I decided to just post it to hes trading folder anyway. Maybe he'll spot it at some point and will be inspired to make some new captions. Can't hurt to let people know you are thinking about them, even when they aren't around.

I also make captions now and again that don't have any specific target. Either I can post them here as a blog exclusive, or if I come across someone with preferences that are close to what I've written, I can refocus the story towards the recipient that matches their needs. Going back to Sept 1 again, I have 13 that are "completed" and 5 that were in some sort of limbo with maybe a paragraph or two written, but pretty much unfinished.

So if I ever come upon a bit of writer's block (hasn't happened before in 12 years .. yet!) or more likely some sort of "I feel like shit and can't make anything right now" (like last night's sinus blow-out) then I have some in reserve so I don't starve my caption minions. Plus I've got the huge amount of old captions here I could post in the "If you haven't seen these posted 5 years ago, they're new to you!" vein. If you've got the back catalog, why not use it?

Now, I'm writing this up on a Saturday around noon because as I mentioned up above, I got NAILED with allergies or some sort of flu/cold/bug thing. No tits growing yet, so I'm disheartened by that, BUT yeah, I don't have any captioning or writing hints for you today .. sorry. If you have any questions, though feel free to ask down in the comment section.

And remember, I am still doing the writing contest dealing with proofreading. Here's what I wrote a few posts back:

Create a caption that contains or refers a : Spell, Document, or Contract, of some sort that works in an unexpected way due to an error of syntax, spelling, or other problem with wording.

example: You have a picture with a half naked girl around a bookshelf or two. You could set up the caption as being it's due to Steve not proofreading his job application when he applied for a job, now he works in a "pubic" library as Stephanie. Here's the one I posted as an example re: handwriting..

So, instead of a DIY Caption Challenge, i offer you this writing exercise. I'll post all the ones you submit to me (of COURSE you will submit to me! Kneel before DEE!) in a post around February 29 or so, near the Leap Year. You can email me at : .. just take out all the superfluous ampersands, and keep the one that SHOULD be there.


  1. Blech! Sorry to hear about your poor sinuses. I can sympathize, I've been trying to kick a persistent cold for the past week or so too. As one of your so-called "caption minions" I can appreciate the foresight in keeping some content in reserve for when the creative juices (read: mucus) aren't flowing.

    Although this caption doesn't really pique my interests specifically (not enough of a focus on the clothing or mental/personality changes), it's always interesting to see what other people enjoy out of captions! Aside from having a fitness theme, do you remember what some of Brandon's other favorite themes were?

    In your post you mentioned something about "trading folders". I'm assuming that's something set up externally to your blog, right Dee?

    1. Hi Tiffany, I think that by "trading folders," Dee is referring to the captions trading on Rachel's Haven. Do check out Rachel's Haven if you haven't already---I just joined the Haven as a new member not long ago, and it's a wonderful community with lots of captioning, trading, roleplay, some caption contests, and friendly & fun people! There might be something there that tickles your fancy. ^_^

    2. @ Tiffany

      Brandon was big into pro Wrestling too, so I made a few captions featuring that for him. He did like classic changes too like nerd to bimbo. I had a feeling that not many people would be into the caption as Mixed Martial Arts isn't that popular among readers, but I had it for 6 months and figured it was time to get it posted. IT does have a youtube video making the changes to his body though, which I thought might entice people to read it, where it just made a female version of the watcher, and slightly altered their personality, though I'm guessing this was just the start.

      As Karen mentioned, the "trading folders" are all set up on Rachel's Haven, which I am one of the admins for the website. It's been around since 2006, and still looks it! About 85 percent of my captions here come from the Haven, as I do trades with others there .. they list their preferences, and sometimes pictures, and you make captions for each other.

      @ Karen

      Glad you are enjoying the Haven! We have a little something for everybody, well other then sissies probably. Not a lot of those there. It was built up more for 'magical' captions and role play. We also have had quite a few people that started out as "dreamers" there that are now transitioning or finished and are now female.