Monday, July 22, 2019

You Were All Invited to Get Crazy From the Heat!

Luckily a few of the more active commenters here were able to partake in some hedonistic fun!

Yeah, I don't do many meta caption that involve BE (Breast Enhancement) so why not let the ta-ta's out and flop about in the hot sunlight? We can all fall asleep by the campfire on each others meat pillows and chomp on some melon by the pool. No one will drown with these self-grown flotation devices attached to our chests!

I figured the best way to tackle this heat was .. tackle this heat head on with a caption! I had some beach pictures saved of the model, Carol, aka XXX Rated Wife on Southern Charms. If I want to imagine that I have large, out of control, cleavage .. she's one of the models I go to time and again and she's the brunette in the middle in this photo.

And I wanted to thank a few of my lady bloggers who take the time to comment regularly on this blog. they are certainly busy enough but still chime in with thoughts and ideas on what I make. I try to do the same for them, but lately time has been a precious commodity I haven't held in some time. So instead, I hope they'll enjoy being part of a fantasy in caption format. At this point, I think I'd settle for just having an actual pool, never mind the boobies and friends with boobies to go with it!

I ran out of room, but I had planned to be one of the blondes, specifically the one in the florescent greenish yellow bikini, which is why my text is colored that way. Sally and Kaaren can fight over which of the other girls is them if they so desire, but I don't think it should make much difference.

So we will ride this heat wave for the next few days and hopefully be back to normal .. well normal with a huge rack to lug around until Sunday! How will we ever survive? Well, girls?


  1. It sounds like so much fun and if the class is that small I could give you each so much attention as you master the art of the blowjob!!!!
    And Sally giving a toy demo!!!! I love toys....and I'm sure she'll need a volunteer for at least some of them!!!!
    And although the giant boobs are only'll be fun to see how well they help me float in the pool!!!!

    As always I thank you for allowing me to guest star in your lovely caps....and to pair us all up with the amazing Sally only makes it better!!!!
    Love and Kisses

    1. Not a problem. It was a hell of a lot of fun to create! I also think people like to see creators cross over into other's blogs as it shows the community we'd love to build up even more!

      I am not sure if you have seen it, but Sally did a sex toy review the other day on her blog, so that is why I made reference to it here in the caption.

      And maybe I have some Breast Gain 4000 lying around the house in case someone else showed up later!

  2. And that was the most epic pool party vacation of all time! Thanks so much for the invite. My D-cups have shrunk to a C-cup since coming home, but I totally love the new tanlines. I've been popping out naked to grab the mail, just to show them off. :)

    Since Kaaren didn't call dibs, I'll slip into the raven-haired beauty in the middle . . . just because I love being in the middle, cradled by all that lovely cleavage!

    Thanks for including us in the fun, and here's hoping the heat breaks before we do. :)

    1. The heat broke here today with some violent thunderstorms and torrential rain. Heard there was a tornado or two down Cape Cod as well.

      Glad you got to be the raven-haired beauty in the middle of our blonde sandwich! As I mentioned above in the reply to Kaaren, I think fostering a sense of community between blogs can be a great thing, and perhaps show the love we have for each other. We're not competitors, but supportive friends that likes each others' work.