Sunday, July 14, 2019

Curing the Number One Affliction Ailing Us All!

How many TG captions celebrate the life of Marie Curie? Not many? Well, THIS one does!

I actually wrote this up around the 4th of July, which was the anniversary of Marie Curie's death. Do you KNOW how dangerous her work actually was? Apparently her personal cookbooks, clothing and of course, lab notes, will be radioactively dangerous for another 1500 years! While the library grants access to visitors to view Curie’s manuscripts, all guests are expected to sign a liability waiver and wear protective gear, and everything is stored in lead-lined containers. So apparently, wearing Marie Curie's panties will change your life and make your privates hot!

So, yeah. I found this picture after reading the story and made a connection. I'm sure it is from some sort of trade show, considering the model's outfit matches the setup in that open conference area. I just started writing and this is what I came up with, especially knowing how I wanted to end it; writing the middle section wasn't too hard, other than making sure I didn't overwrite anything.

And I think everything works well together. Science tends to work best when mistakes are made and the research figures out WHY, and makes adjustments. It's a shame that everything today is so far advanced that I bet that biological sciences could really give other disciplines much needed help, and vice versa, but how would they even go about sharing that data necessary to do so .. and of course, the corporations that supply the money for research expecting a big payday upon solving whatever issues they were trying to fix. Something that lead to a big failure for one subsection of technology could lead the way to harvesting a big gain in something that makes us figure out the evolution of life on a microbiological scope.

Anyway, Science fiction can lead to science fact, and both genders come from the same genome .. and we are all female at some point before certain changes happen to spin the zygote into a whirl-spin of masculinity. Makes ME wonder if going male to female would be easier in the long run sometime in the near future than it currently is now, where it seems like FtM is more reasonable now. Any thoughts out there on this hypothesis? Or at least you should feel like commenting on this blog exclusive caption and how we need to include more scientific people into our stem TG captions!


  1. First off, great caption with one of your patented little zingers there at the end. I love the idea of masculinity being the ailment in need of a cure!

    And, yes, I think science will start finding easier and more natural ways to alter/correct gender going forward. I've always found it fascinating that we are all conceived as female, with a single chromosome holding back nipples from becoming breasts, fusing labia into a scrotum, and developing a clitoris into a penis. With all the research going into genes, chromosomes, and stem cells, I really do think we'll see the day when nature's most basic birth defect can be fixed.

    From a simple transgender viewpoint, consider how many lives might be saved, how many psychological issues might be prevented, if we could inject something or transplant something and have our bodies just correct themselves. Maybe not fully, or without surgical intervention, but the hormone/drug/cream aspect could be eliminated.

    From a fantasy/fetish perspective, imagine the possibilities as we become more precise with those treatments. Making breasts, penises, and clitorises bigger or smaller, not only enabling MtF and FtM transitions, but allowing for cosmetic augmentations and allowing for more fetishized things like futa.

    I realistically think our kids might see some of these changes available.

    1. Great points and pretty much in line with how I was thinking when I made the caption. Who says that TG captions can't be rooted in reality?

  2. Lovely cap, one can only hope that a cure for being born the wrong gender will one day be developped. I think I would even be willing to to be a test subject for such a cure, even being well aware of the risks there are to human testing.

    Unfortunately I don't think such a cure see the light of day, unless governments are willing to pay for its development, because I don't think that we are profitable enough as a group to make it worth while for the pharmaceutical industrie to help us. That is unless Sally is right about the fantasy/fetish perspective. That might create a large enough demand for it.
    I write this without resentment towards the pharmaceutical industrie, as it is a simple fact of life that buisinesses in general not only want to make money, but they need to do that too, or they go broke. The pharmaceutical buisiness is no exception.

    1. I think that perhaps it will come as a by product of other research in curing diseases and slowing down the aging process. Each step in curing something usually leads to other indirect research. I am pretty sure that both "balding" cures and Viagra were by-products in the pursuit of other ailments .. the side effects each caused were then studied and directed towards fixing the issues the side effects relieved.

      Of course there are moral thoughts to be debated on how far medicine and science can go to prolong and change people's quality of life, but you are correct that the bottom line in the bottom line .. but mistakes can fuel whole new industries just like the way microwave ovens were developed.