Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Father's Day .. Much Better Than Black Socks with Sandals, Right?

Bonus Extra Previously Viewed Father's Day Captions! UPDATE PHOTOS ARE EMBIGGENED!

This was originally posted back in January of 2015 under the name "Reliving the Old Days!" but I think it works well as a Father's Day caption too. As per what I wrote in the original blurb:

There is no real subtext here at all, everything is right on the surface. I'm guessing that this would be the best case scenario for most of us if our offspring found out about our fetishes and whatnot .. with a roll of the eyes and a "Oh Jeez, not again!" Why not embrace it with a caption? But of course!

Just a fun little caption. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and didn't forget about Father's Day. You should still have most of Sunday after this is posted to wish your Dad a good day, maybe get him some beer or a new lawn mower .. or maybe some silky thigh highs so he won't wear socks with his heels.

Went to a fun little backyard wedding today. handmade bridal gown was gorgeous and the event was really low key. It's the kind of nuptials that I enjoy going to. For those of you who haven't found true love yet, this was between two people in their late 30's that met around age 30 .. so don't worry about love passing you by. It's all around, you just have to find it .. often when you aren't expecting it.

Here's a few more Father's Day type captions from the past. ENJOY! Tell me which one you like the best! Which one would you most like to star in?

This was from 2012. the comments were from Joanna, Caitlyn and Jennifer! Long time ago!

This one is from last year, and I'm not sure it got more than one comment.

And this one is from 2016, given to a brand new daddy in real life, Feargas. I loved making this one.

If you want to see the rest, just type in Father's Day in the little SEARCH THIS BLOG spot in the right hand column of this blog. You'll find a few more that way!


  1. I've looked all over and I can't find that damned spell book....and I don't mind at all if the girls roll their's the boys I'm looking for first...I'll get to the girls later...
    Happy Fathers Day....hope you get something pretty and full of frills

    1. Thanks. Not sure I'll get anything right now. Daughter and her friends celebrated at a Pride festival and ended up at some leather BDSM gathering. She's now extremely hungover.

  2. Being the poor little orphan I am I did forget father's day. Still now you mention it its good to remember the old fellow.

    1. Yeah, we can blame EVERYTHING wrong with our lives on our parents, right?