Sunday, May 13, 2018

Not Everything Is As It Appears! Plus Mother's Day Thoughts!

Hmmm, Sissy Kaaren is subbing for my receptionist .. so of course chaos ensues!

Made this one for Terri on the Haven. She likes a little bit of everything, and does not have many "please do not" in her preferences, so it is usually pretty fun to caption her. This one was no exception to the rule, I must say.

I just love helping people find their true selves. Is that so wrong? Well, some people think so, which is why I had to get my doctorate at Evil Medical School at Havenscroft .. the motto of which is "ubi quod malum est, o ita bonum!" which translated from Latin is, "where being bad is oh so good!" or something like that .. I mean, other than magical spells, where else would you need Latin? Oh yeah!

Hope everyone had a decent Mother's Day. I took out the GF because she's a step-mom to my daughter and we went to visit one of my grandmothers that is now in a nursing home. My mom died when I was young, about 25 years ago, so I'm pretty immune to sadness by now.

Did my mom know about my TG tendencies? Yeah, most likely. I would hide my porn, liquor and pantyhose (which were usually her old pairs she had thrown out, as I'd snag them because trash was my chore) in the same area at the back of one of my dresser, and she'd sometimes put away my clean clothes. Looking back now, there were a few times where it seemed like there were hose in her trash bin that didn't have any runs at all in them, AND fit me better than her usual size A. Once for Halloween, she bought me tights, even though the costume I wanted could probably have just used over the calf white socks .. and all our old costumes were stored in the crawl space behind my closet, "there's no room in my closets for them all, so if we need them, we'll just have you pull them out." That gave me plenty of time to be a Flapper, Raggedy Anne, Disco Diva, or Ballerina.

So thanks Mom, for giving the teenage me the leeway and privacy to practice my fetish in private, and keeping my dad from kicking my ass if he found out. One time, after my mother had died, I did dress up as a woman with the GF as a guy for Halloween, and he did say, "You certainly ended up with your mother's legs!" I can't think of a friggin' better compliment than that!

I adored Stevie Nicks as a child and teenager, even though they were already old rock music by the time I was a teen. They were one of my parents favorite bands, and as I've mentioned before, I would have been named Rhiannon after the witch in the Fleetwood Mac song if I came out of the womb female. This however is my favorite.


  1. I know I can be a smart ass sometimes but really the idea of me thrashing anyone is very funny!!!!
    It may not have been meant for me but I always appreciate you including me as a guest star in your caps!!!!
    And I'm especially glad to see that what I lack in personnel skills I more than make up for in personal skills!!!!

    1. You weren't the thrasher sweetie. You were the receptionist that made a mistake and had 2 clients interact with each other that should not have. One of them still thought of themselves as a bit of a man, so he was the one acting all macho!