Sunday, April 8, 2018

Three Cheers for Ally's Dad .. I mean, Felicia!

You really shouldn't cut funding for school teams when your daughter's cheer squad has a coven!

This is one of those captions where, even though the girls in the pictures are a good part of the allure, its all the details in the background that make the difference in connecting the story to the image.

Having a "dual" garage, one side with lots of tools, and the other with a flashy car inside, just gave me that nudge to craft something around what is most likely a privileged household. Plus, over the last 20 years, I've seen quite a bit of budget trimming over things that practical minded financial wonks see as non-essential learning experiences. As I mentioned in the original post to Felicia Hextus' trading folder, "Around here, they've cut many teams due to funding shortfalls, and they have gone out and gotten sponsors .. so this isn't without precedence!" Beyond bake sales and the like, school sports and music programs have had to go out and find business sponsors to pick up the slack. Like if the local high school's team is the "Flemming Furies" than they might issue a "Furious Fundies" card for 20 dollars that is good for specials at local pizza places, restaurants and shops. Local newspapers do fluff articles on "Flemming's House of Mince Meat Pies! The official sponsor of the Flemming High School Marching Band," that work as advertisements.

And of course there are local heroes and legends that will give money as alumni, proud to help those that were like them 20-30 years ago with a hearty tax-deductible donation. I mean, it wouldn't shock me that Ally's mom was in on the whole deal, and this was her way of protesting the budget cutting. I believe that there might not be anything more cunning than a bunch of teenage girls plotting, but this seems a bit more adult of a plan to have been pulled off by a few cheerleaders. Having him be the actual "smartypants" in figuring out a way to keep being Felicia by selling out all of his old stuff is just the icing on the cake, proving that he is definitely thinking like a 14 year old girl than a financially comfortable man in his early 40's?

Anyway, this was a lot of fun to write, and imagine happening in real life. Felicia is away from the Haven for the moment, so I'm hoping when she returns, she'll love this one as much as I do. If you are into the whole "loss of power" and "new compulsions" type of TG captions and stories, you'll probably dig this one too.

Let me know what you think about the caption, and also, how do you think the whole transformation came about? Did he wake up in a spare room that was now all pink and girly wearing panties and a large T-shirt or silky pajamas? Perhaps he transformed while showering for work, and ended up putting on a school uniform instead, with his wife driving him to school or him riding a bus? And what do you think happens at the end of the caption? Inquiring minds like mine want to know how you would continue this story!

Ah, nothing like some good emo music from the past. Get out your guyliner and enjoy!
You get what everyone else gets .. You get a lifetime."


  1. I love it - great image, and the language is perfect.

    I'm feeling a tad dark this morning. I think he parked that stick-shift in the garage and sat there with the motor running, intending to commit suicide. Instead of killing him, the mixture of chemicals in the garage air transformed him, and the girls were only too happy to help him kick off his new life.

    As for what's next, I think he'll start dating his star QB and follow him to college, where he'll get his chance to cheer.

  2. Dark, but it certainly fits into it well. If he body went into a coma, then putting him into a girl's body certainly makes it so that he'll be stuck in that body too. Does he steal the star QB from his older sister? Wow, the family intrigue!

  3. Hmm, I've always been a sucker for cursed clothing/jewelry being the impetus for a transformation. I think it's a good fit for this caption too, since there's a lot of clothing that's very strongly associated with cheer squads. I could imagine a curmudgeonly father yelling at his daughter to pick up all of her "cheer crap", before finally getting so frustrated as to move it himself. Of course, once he takes a hold of it: he finds the white sneakers are just his size; the hairband would do a good job holding back his blonde hair; and the cheer bottoms are just too great to pass up!

    The other side of things is imagining that it was kicked off by a wife. Unlike our friend Sally, above, I'm not feeling nearly as dark. In that case, I could see the scenario being something along the lines of a mother who always wanted a second daughter, but it just didn't work out for one reason of another. She still loves her husband, but knows he's stressed out about work (or some other banality of adult life). To that end, she changes him into her new daughter, possibly through the same body/mind-affecting garments from my last idea.

    And, if it's your cup of tea, the second idea opens the door for some possible cuckolding play as well, with the wife seeking a new lover of sorts now that her husband is gone.

    Overall, it's a cute caption; I'd love to see a follow-up caption with the girls in their actual cheer uniforms!

    1. I don't do nearly enough cursed clothing/jewelry. Just doesn't really pop into my head very often, and I know some other people do it really well.

      Liked both of your ideas, although the 2nd one wouldn't fit into this caption as there was already a daughter in the household.

      Thanks for the comment and glad to see people ruminating on the before and aftermath of the caption. I wonder what people like TotalDitz, Britney Shagwell, and Whitney would have to say as this is right up their alley. Glad we still have Courtney Captisa around though to keep cheerleading alive!