Monday, February 26, 2018

This Caption COULD BE YOURS! It's a SEX BOMB Baby!

You write the story line .. I put it into the caption. How much simpler could it be, sweetie?

OK. Was going through my D'archives and found this one about 7 months back. It was a caption setting with no text in it whatsoever. Figured that it was so open-ended (just like the model!) that why not offer a shot for everyone reading to participate in the creation of a TG caption.

Simply enough, in the comment section, write up the story of what happened in the picture. If there are two people chatting, please make note by some sort of Marty : "What are you doing?" Dee: "Trying not to laugh too hard. You look ridiculous!" Marty: "You'r not helping!" Dee: "I'm not TRYING to help, so swishy little sissy!"

My guess would be that 100-120 words will be plenty. Around 60-80 would probably be ideal so that I wouldn't have to shrink down the text too much. If need be, I can edit and/or rework your wording a bit to make it work in the space provide.

There are many different ways you can go about this. I don't want to give away mine because it is possible that I have enough time to finish mine while working on yours. Everyone who submits something before the end of February will have their text merged into the caption setting ... and I'll post them all together in one big blog post, probably the next Thursday, March 8. Just know that just about any topic we've covered here on the blog could be the plotline of this caption: Just look at the labels to the side and almost all of them fit!

If you've ever wanted to make a caption but haven't, or longed for me to start up the DIY Caption Challenges again, this is something you need to do! Also, at the end, be sure to leave a male and female name for you to go in a caption. If I DO have time to write up my story for this picture, it might just star YOU! So, in that case, you'll have your very own caption AND a bonus one!

Let's get writing, and let your creativity run wild. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. When I said I could go for having that everyday, I didn't mean to be turned into a BBW, said Thomas, now Tammy !

  2. "Hurry up sissy you still have 30 minutes left to clean the entire house and break the spell or else you have to stay like this for the following 6 months".Julie(as he is called now) was going to be stuck as an housewife for the following months for sure. and julie also knows her mistress is gonna invite some guys over to who are gonna use julie and make a big mess which she has to clean up to!

  3. "Where did that Woman's White Wash go?" Albert wonder as he looked frantically. His bro's and there girls were coming over to celebrate his girls party.Three of the bros don't have girl friends and love mixed relations.
    Albert brought a bottle of Woman's White Wash at the county's farmer market new magic stand.The sales woman simple glowed as she said."By the bottle that matches your girls skin color and all her best features will seem to glow." With purely good intentions Albert bought it.
    Unfortuanlty: Albert left it over the utility sink in the gargare.It matched other bottles. When he came back with the gift wraps.His cronic dry eye acted up as he reached for the gift.First picking up the wrong bottle then knocking the shelf over. he fell in a pool of mixed chemicals.The result.Pictures say a 1000 words.

  4. Brittany7.
    Brittany asked Damien to do a load of laundry while she went shopping. After loading the washer Damien reached for a tide pod but grabbed a bath bomb by mistake. When the bath bomb exploded Damien was covered with the bubbles and was transformed into a woman.
    She went upstairs and used Brittany's makeup and borrowed an outfit. She was just starting to cleanup the mess when she heard the sounds of high heels on the floor. Turning she saw Brittany grinning at her. "It looks like this is your lucky day Dee. Damien has been begging me to try anal sex and I think I'll grant his wish."

  5. Stuart please! You know I wanted to be a sexy beautiful woman and that magic remote did a great job of changing me, but turn off maid mode so we can get to the bedroom, Yes Sallyanne I will once the kitchen is done I adore that lovely butt you have now Stuart says whilst turning up the bimbo factor so Sallyanne shakes her tooshy saying do you like that handsome.