Monday, February 19, 2018

Sissy Kaaren in .. Sissy Husbands Don't Sleep In Late! and Neither do TG Captioners!

The caption that dares to shine the light on why feminized hubbies are just like the Marines!

This was not originally going to be the post for Monday night, but I had to move it up because I loved the premise and it was literally fully formed before I even found a picture to use with it.

I'm sure that some sissies will be happy to, for once, be compared to Marines. I have a legit question here to ask .. Why the hell do almost all the TG caption and sissy bloggers post so damn early?

Many times during the week, I will pop onto the Internet around 9 AM at work and snag email, while eating some sort of bagel sandwich and whatever is left of my bottle of aloe vera juice. After that, and unlocking the rest of the building, handling early arrivals, etc .. I'll take a look at MyFace, then check on the Haven and this blog. by then, there are usually new posts from Kaaren, Leeanne, Courtney Captisa, Sally Bend, and others too, along with comments by many of those same people .. all time stamped between 3 AM and 7:30 AM. What the hell is wrong with you people?!? LOL

At least Ann Michelle has the decency to post around the time that I'm surfing .. I assume that she's got a cuckolded sissy hubby around to make her breakfast, sew a new outfit for her to wear, and compose a sonnet before she steps out of her room in a silk kimono adorned with peacock feathers.

It is even worse on the weekends. If I didn't have to pee every 3 hours, I don't think I'd get out of bed until 1 pm on Saturday or Sunday .. and even then, I'd be dragging the GF out a half hour later. Kaaren's already buffed the entire kitchen floor, cooked a breakfast to prove you could eat off that floor, then rebuffed it and her wife's current love afterward .. the wrote up a fascinating Saturday Matinee TG feature for her blog. I'm lucky if I'm a coherent enough to say, "Ha! You are such a sissy Kaaren, cuz you like cock, you silly sissy! Hee hee!"

So, to get to the point, I thought, why the hell are they all up so early, and what would happen if they decided that they wanted more bedtime .. in an actual bed! Me being lazy, just put myself in their role, and just wrote what I would do if I was in their situation! Why not use technology to your advantage .. and still keep it spicy and fun! Hell, it wouldn't shock me if Kaaren has done this before .. right before her ass was paddled into a boiled lobster hue.

I mean, who wouldn't want to see a roomba with a pair of heels on top, roaming around the house, sucking up any dust on the floors? I bet there are some guys out there who have changed Alexa's name to "Mistress" and asked her to call him "slave". Perhaps his wife has scheduled voice prompts throughout the day to remind 'slave' that he needs to shine her boots for an inspection later that night. Hell, maybe Nest is working on a home surveillance system that sounds off with a "Cuckolded husband alert! Warning Dave! She is in bed with a well endowed landscaper named Jaylen or Jayden! I couldn't make it out with all her constant orgasmic moaning!"

So anyway, here's to most of you captioners and sissies! You do more before breakfast than I do all day .. so be proud, and don't slouch in those heels! The readers and us people who need a good 12 hours of sleep everyday truly appreciate it!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: When is the best time for you to view captions or content of a TG nature? Is it due to people lurking about, stuff you have to get done, or just a preference of when you want to see it? For those creating TG works, what is the best time for you to tackle it and get optimum worth out of your work?


  1. I am usually up by 6am for work. and that is quite a habit to break even at weekends.
    I usually check out caption in the evening.
    I am a very lazy writer but have a tablet now so do some in a lunch hour that hopefully focus the mind.
    I think Kaaren is a very lucky sissy having a Mistress that allows all those new mod-cons.
    Mistress should make the Amish look progressive when it comes to chores. Oh, so sissy thinks it needs a toilet brush! And if sissy is able to finish chores then there are many lady friends with large houses to clean.

    1. Being a sissy would entail doing things by hand, the old fashioned way .. plenty of busy work so she doesn't get too distracted. I mean, I'm sure the lock on the chastity cage can be very hypnotic to look at I am sure!

  2. The irony here is that I woke up late yesterday and didn't have time to respond as I was playing catch up all day!!!!
    I love the idea of all the if my wife would allow that!!! This is the woman, after all, who had me on my hands and knees cleaning the floor because there were no mops available in town!!!
    As to my early rising....well I usually get by quite nicely on about 4 hours of sleep....maybe some days I'll take a little catnap in the afternoon if all my chores are done....and to be honest I really try to have the Saturday Matinee post ready to go by Thursday at the latest....and if I'm feeling it maybe I'll be able to write more than one!!!!
    As always I thank you for letting me guest star in your blog!!!
    Love and Kisses

    1. Lots of irony to go around .. and ironing too! Get those pillow cases done with a sharp crease!

      Your wife wants you on your hands and knees because that is where you do your best work, amirite?

      I wish I could get by on 4 hours sleep! I'd be able to get so much more done!

      Glad you enjoyed your role in the caption. It was pretty much a no-brainer to have it star you since you were one of the big influences on why it was created.