Sunday, February 11, 2018

One Supportive Straight Guy .. and the Seven Fairy Godmothers!

This is already one of my favorite captions I've done in the last 5 years or so. See why inside!

Make sure you read first so spoilers won't affect you in any way! You've been warned!

First off, you probably recognize the model form previous captions that I've done. She's pretty, with really long hair, and being short and slightly fluffy is a turn on for many TG fans. When I saw the set that this picture came from, my heart almost leaped out of my chest! Honestly, I have no idea what the intent was to be dressed like that, but I knew I could definitely use that to my advantage. It's not often you get to see a model you love to imagine yourself as dressed up like a drag queen on a float.

And yes, that is the direction I went towards. Dawn Commentator recently had a "dark side" caption offer where she would take your suggestion and go where you usually would not go, in order to stretch out our preferences a bit. I asked for something I don't usually request, because I don't really expect most people to get it right. I went with:
Turned/compelled into 'Dee Dee the drag queen', but specifically with some sort of procedure leaving the penis much smaller than it used to be. Sarina Valentina would be the perfect model for this idea, and if you use her, I wave the "don't want to see male genitalia" rule. I know you like challenges, so I will include at your discretion, "no revenge scenario" but could still be forced / cajoled, etc .. just not a "insulted/beat up a TG person or what have you".
She did a great job with my suggestion, and my original pitch to Dawn was still rattling around my head when I saw the picture. I used what I asked Dawn to do as a reference point, but knew I could veer off if need be as it would be a blog exclusive.

Because I didn't want to go a revenge route, I thought up a "Three's Company" plot of being misunderstood to add up to a comedy of errors where a straight guy went with a close friend to support her at a big gay pride parade. Took a little bit to set up and then, BAM throw out the blue dialog to highlight where his speech was totally taken the wrong way. The "I'm coming out .. to support my friends .." etc  was the first thing that I conjured in my brain when it went in this direction, and as I was typing, the throwing up in the coat room completed the mistake.

Add a bit of The Kink's Lola's plot-line, some poppers that make you very suggestible, and some very friendly Fairy Godmothers around to make "Genderella" the queen of the ball. "You are going to LURVE your new self. Straight is normal, and normal is boring as hell sweetie! Do we look bored, Sugar? Just act like us and do what we do Honey Pie. This is your future! Free to be, you and me!"

I just love the whole gestalt of this caption, integrating the photo into the story and weaving in and out, even including the chess board she is standing on, along with those wonderful heels that definitely don't match the outfit, but certainly figure into the ending zinger.

Could I have gone on an made a 2 or 3 panel series and elaborated more? Perhaps. But I kind of like the idea of leaving the "programming" aspect to our imagination, and also leave that ambiguity to what happens next? Do they go to the parade as planned, and his lesbian friend tries to get him back to his old self that night or the next morning? Does he wake up as his old self wondering what happened .. and there is lots of video of what he did? Stay the way he changed as he realized that it really WAS who he's been all along? Something else entirely? I love the lack of concrete story that keeps it pinned down, and lets us give it our own flavor and conclusion.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So what did YOU think about the caption: good, bad, or indifferent? What do you think happened while he was drugged out? What happened afterwards? 


  1. Wow! I am ab-SO-lutely blown away by this caption. The humor is on point, the scenario is downright smexy (the kind of thing I fantasize about), and the model is gorgeous. I don't know what that checkerboard thing is she's wearing, but I *want* one!

    1. Oopsie! I missed your prompt at the end because I was too excited to respond~

      I'm thinking his "black out" was a bit of a group effort. Someone was on beauty-duty of course: makeup, undies, clothing and accessories. Somebody else (a very fabulous AV nerd) was queueing up a video with some helpful mantras "reaffirming" homosexuality. Two more were whispering sweet nothings into Mata Hairy's ears and teasing his neck with kisses.

      Afterwards, I'm thinking there was a little celebration in their hotel room! Nothing too big, just some more of the poppers, a little bit to drink, and a low-key raucous orgy. Of course, after something like that, your stockings are going to be ripped, your makeup smeared and your dress covered in *someone's* fluids. So there'd need to be another round of getting all dolled up before they head out to the parade.

    2. As an aside, I'd love to find the original photo set you took the image from. Who's the model?

    3. Wondering if this is Geoff / Dolly Diklips from "My Sissy Captions" who still makes captions from time to time on one of the Starz contest caption site. I know that he/she enjoyed captions like this one, and I commented on her blog last week asking where she'd been.

      I like the elaboration of the story. Seems very plausible. Makes me wonder .. were you part of the group, or part of the prey? Both could be lots of fun!

      The model is Italian Lace from Southern Charms and the picture was pulled from one of the preview sets, which unfortunately has already gone behind the pay wall. If you wished to pay for a month, I think it's 15 bucks, but she is VERY prolific, putting up new sets at least 3X a week, and is close to posting her 2,000th photo set! She claims there are over 125k pictures available of her on the site.

    4. I'm flattered that you think I'm someone else, but I'm afraid I've never made a caption in my life! I'm just a fan who hasn't bothered to set up an account or anything similar. If I had to choose though, I'd definitely be the prey being stalked by these lovely ladies.

      Awww, that's a little sad about the paywall, but c'est la vie. Thanks for the info Dee~

  2. I love it! She's gorgeous, and the story is so much fun. I loved the lines about the other girl's cute little cock, and how it was only appreciated once he dropped to his knees.

    1. Sometimes, the lines just write themselves, and I'm glad to be sitting there behind a keyboard typing them out! Can't say that most of this isn't a fantasy of mine, because I'd be probably lying to myself if I denied it. "The little cock part" is the only part that isn't in there, but if I did ever perform oral on a guy, it'd have to be one of those teeny weenies on a she-male trap.