Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Body Swap at the Nudist Camp aka the Short End of the Shish Kabob!

I'd definitely go camping more often if this were an option .. well most of the options!

Made this one for Kate Southland on the Haven. Ironic that as I complained recently about not finding good source pictures that pop out at you, I find this one staring back at me. Found 2 sets with these two young women, and it was just hard to find the right one to use .. unfortunately 2 of the best composed shots were blurry .. so this one gave me the best spacial areas to put text in and have it flow properly. This is one of those cases where I saw the photo set, came up with the zinger line, and then worked my way backward, and a body swap seemed the best way to go here for the plot.

Hopefully it will get some comments on the Haven. It's one of the few I've posted so far that haven't received anything after almost 24 hours posted there. I thought that a title like this one would definitely draw people in to see if and how I could deliver when I named it something like that.

Speaking of camping, I will be doing one night out in New Hampshire / Vermont towards the end of this week. Not quite roughing it bush-craft style. Friend has some acres up that way that I haven't seen, and he's got a wood stove and canvas tent set up. I don't think he's got the snowmobile trail set yet, so I think it will be a nice quiet overnight visit. I am hoping his barn studio is completed, as I'd love to write some new music. I will be doing this in conjunction with a work event the GF is doing. I drop her off and snag her the next day, then we'll spend the rest of the weekend there.

So, I will have something to post for Thursday night, most likely the sissy TG caption I mentioned a post or two ago. If I get far enough ahead, I'll schedule something for the weekend too, perhaps the 2nd part of the "Best captions of 2017? Worst case would be I come home Sunday and post something right then. Actually, worst case would be that I am not fully over my ear infection and I stay home and cancel my weekend plans!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Did the wives plan this, and is there a way to switch back? Any particular reason why they weren't that upset? Was it part of the magic? How would it be if YOU and your significant other ended up in this situation?

Their wives .. are free ballin'

Sorry about that! Most likely, we'll break out the acoustic guitars and jam this one out 
and toast an American Icon, Tom Petty!


  1. I don't know why it popped into my mind but it did so here you go.....both of the transformed men wake the next morning with cramps, feeling bloated and begin their periods!!! Their wives answer their complaints that they'll switch back in about five or six days then head off to the local strip club in the only car!!!
    Hard to picture me and my Sweetie in this scenario....I mean if she wanted to switch places with a man I doubt I'd be her first choice to switch with!!!
    Hope your ear clears up!!!! And keep an eye on the weather before you "rough" it!!!

    1. Yeah, I kind of figured. I think the caption posted tomorrow will be more likely to be something you and your wife would do.

  2. "Pitching tents." That made me giggle.

    I suspect the wive's totally planned it, and that there's something in the water than made the husbands more open to the experience. The lake should have no problem switching them back on the next swim, so long as they aren't foolish enough to get skewered first . . . because then all they'll crave is s'more.

    1. Yeah, Came up with that secondary word play as I was writing it. If that is true about the lake, then I can see them buying a lifetime pass to that park!

      Your camping puns are how I like my Autumn camping .. in tents!

  3. Love this one, great fun. I Will definitely buy a ticket to lake Sagnomore.
    I used to camp all round Britain but has been years now. I Think the last time was a music festival which was so wet I ended up with Trench foot.
    Yes of course the wives planed it. Maybe the guys had been perving at all the naked women.