Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bimbo/TG Transformations Could Be a Human Resources Nightmare!

A rare as can be "Set of 3 TG Panels" which honestly shows how bad my ADD can be!

The story behind this is that Ron likes guys dressed up in men's clothing photos, and when I found this set the other day, I was ecstatic. I could make him a small set of panels that started fully dressed and then wound down into women's underthings, and it'd be like super cool and woohooo! Even had a basic idea that most likely I could write the story around, and just write it as I make it.

Well, as usual, around 40 minutes into it, I kind of ran out of steam, both story wise and interest wise. I didn't want to go to a fourth panel, and who knows if I actually would have finished it given that extra panel so I decided to wrap things up in the 3rd. I think you can locate the spot where I went, "ummm, yeah, let me out of here!" around the 1st and second paragraph on the 3rd caption panel.

I am not quite even sure what my motivation is/was there. Seems like I want to take over the world, or at least the company, by making all the guys females and then all of them bimbos. Then it is set up more that everyone is going to be an actual bimbo but me .. and I will play along as if I got changed too, probably so I would escape detection and blame? I guess the end game is to get a settlement from the corporation for it happening to me, then I could retire on that money? Sue them into owning the company somehow because .. I am the most competent person there?

It does it's job in the task of "being" a TG Caption with his preferences in general and highlighting a the men's suit through to the traditional sexy lingerie underneath. I would have to put this more in the fail column though for me, mainly for the ADD attack and not fully utilizing the photos as best I could. If anyone is going to vote "meh" on a caption, it should be this one! So GO FOR IT!

So what can I do? Ask everyone how THEY would fix it! Pick a spot somewhere within the 3 panels, or tack on more at the end, and branch off the storyline somehow and make it zing! Could be just a small adaption of what I've already done, or a complete abandonment of what is in the caption. Not saying I will, but there is always a chance I could try to revisit it later on and do a remix. Maybe your idea makes more sense, or in a combination of other comments, turns into something coherent that gives me the drive to push the reset button. I've still got the caption settings in Photoshop so deleting the words and putting a new story into it wouldn't be too hard.

To wash away the bad taste in everyone's mouth, the next post shall either be the conclusion of the "Top 10 of 2017" captions or another freshly made caption. Probably depends on how much actual snow we receive here in New England over Tuesday night into Wednesday. If I get another time, it'll be the Top 10, if not, another regular caption. And if you actually do like this caption set, don't be afraid to tell me .. or tell me why YOU didn't think it worked either. I'm looking for all sorts of comments that might make me want to tackle a 3-4 image caption set again, and this time without fucking it up too much!

Just a little video from Robert Palmer and an MST3k video having some fun with the song! Oh crap! I turned you on again, didn't I?

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  1. Yesok up to a third of panel 3. its the reason for the change that's a bit adrift.
    I think i would have her doing it to steal millions and have Ron do it but set himself up.
    Ron was asexist ass or stole her promotion hence the sex change. She gets the cash and when the feds capture Ron in disguise and laying low for the heat to clear working as a waitress.
    He wakes up female in prison and knowing he has been screwed over.