Sunday, January 28, 2018

A Cut Above .. Courtney's First TG Venture!

Saw this picture and thought of her, made the caption quickly ... then promptly forgot to post it. Duh! I think I was under the hair dryer for a bit too long!

"A Cut Above" sounds like the type of salon that would open in the early 2000's. It's why I chose it.

The fun part about captions with multiple people, I could be any of the models, or even running the camera. Same for Courtney, though I picture her being the one furthest to the right, since as the boss, she are facing everyone else, and proposing the toast.

Speaking of transforming, I hope some people took me up on my offer in the last post. I'll be back Sunday night, unless some awful weather befouls us, but I don't see that on the horizon here late Thursday night as I'm writing this up. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

*UPDATE* I'm back. I wrote this up on Thursday figuring I could access the site through my tablet on Saturday to post it. However, all of us were having a good time so I'll just post this 24 hours or so later. Don't think there was much harm as I still ended up with 2k hits over the last day; pretty good for not posting something new for 48 hours. There should be a caption posted tomorrow night too!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So which one is me or am I behind the camera? Which one is you, and why are we who you think we are? How well do you think her business did, and what was her biggest clientele ... mothers looking to have more control over their sons, or both him and his dad? GF's that wanted to spend their time with pretty smelling, girly acting bois with better manners, getting them to enjoy things other than sports and video games? Wives wanting help cleaning around the house? Feel free to gush below with what you think and how you, or the theoretical guys, would respond!

Something that went well with the last caption, figured I'd post it now. First guy in music to wear corpse paint .. 30 years before Mayhem!

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  1. I think i would go for being the one second right. i wold always go for the lower cut top and boobs. Maybe you could be the one in the middle. I think she looks a little bit grumpy my with the caption conversation it broke the hypno a little and you just found out you are in a skirt. Yes definitely a franchise opportunity with that business.