Sunday, December 17, 2017

Playing Dress Up With Your Daughter!

I think most daughters would love this. It's the mom's that are probably against things like this!
.. and who didn't love Glamour Shots? Come inside for more of a discussion on that mall studio!

Made this for Sammie, and it is probably more of an indictment of just what the hell is going on with malls now. Back in the 80's there were tons of Glamour Shots studios. They were known for their liberal use of hair spray, fur and boas, a myriad of weird hats, and lots of studded, bedazzled tops. I am sure that most women (and most men too!) under a pound of heavy duty makeup and soft focus photography would look glamorous too!

How they went out of business? Well, other than the damage to the ozone layer, I'm guessing there are only so many times you need to look like the star of a Cher music video in your lifetime. I also have no idea how much they charged; I'm guessing that having a photo studio in a mall was not cheap, especially when digital photography was quite a few years away.

But this caption is a tribute to those halcyon days of the 80's, before grunge took over the world. The outfit just struck me as something that they would have used at a Glamour Shots studio. Purple "fur",
 a big hat and junk costume jewelry along with lush curly hair and actually hosiery under the dress.

I remember girls in my school showing off their pictures and it's where I learned the nothing is real .. anything can be made better with wigs or hair extensions, girdles and padding, and makeup. I SO WANTED TO GO THERE and get the drag treatment myself! "What divine magical power do you hold where this boring girl can turn into a tramp from Dynasty?!?" I wouldn't have even needed the shoulder pads either!

So, people in other countries, did you have something like this in your area back in the day or even now in the present? I wonder if it was only a thing here in the states or was it more international. I also have thought about how many TG people they served, either there while it was open, or if they did some things for them after hours. Let me know in the comments if you remember Glamour Shots or a studio like that and did you have friends or relatives go and get a makeover? Talking about the caption works well too!


  1. NO we never had anything like that here in the uk. Mind you we did not really get shopping malls until the 90s.

    1. I can confirm this sad state of affairs. We remain unable to get glamourised for photos though proper studios do exist - they just don't (and never have) offered such services.

      I blame our status as a country of Disappointment. Each motorway service station a Cathedral of Despair to the next dreary representation of urban living rained like grey watercolours into a promising valley. Your mileage may vary. :)

  2. Not overseas or anything. But the only place I see this kinda stuff in NY now is Boudoir photoshoots on Groupon and the Wild West dress up photos at Six Flags amusement park.

    Now, if I actually ever had the courage to dress in public, and if Disney let's adults do it, I would take a solo trip to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Disney World to get a Belle makeover and dress.

    1. I wonder if they would do Princess transformations for boys, and Prince Charming ones for girls, if that is what they wanted. Disney is fairly progressive, and they most likely would be in private, so that the children wouldn't be inviting ridicule.

      I'm pretty sure there has to be glamour type places for you in NY. I'm sure there is one like that in Boston, though I'm not sure it's open at the moment due to 2020 bleeding into the current year. Here's the website: