Thursday, October 5, 2017

For Amber and Dee, EVERY Seat is a Bitch Seat!

Sometimes it is much easier to make a caption when the trader supplies a great photo!

As it is with this caption I made for Amberstar. For the first time in a few days, I was able to have some time to work on something for the Haven and this blog (mostly doctor appointments and I just had a root canal done a few hours ago) and figured I would do something for her. I hit her trading folder and this picture just jumped out at me, and I knew I had to get Dee in there somehow.

Hopefully this is a good caption. I'm not quite sure yet as my lip is still a bit numb and hanging off my face, so that could be an indicator that I'm not a good judge at the moment. When I was making it, I thought that it was more than decent, and with that photo, I'm sure it'll elevate whatever I wrote.

BTW, it still hasn't really hit fall yet. The trees here in New England have no idea what to do at this point, as we've hit 80 degrees for almost 9 days straight now. I am still running two AC units in the apartment and haven't worn pants since ummm, middle of May? The GF is still wearing sandals for fuck's sake! I think last year was almost the same, were the foliage went from green to dead in like 3 days. Weather be fucking with our tourist economy the last few years!

Thanks for still stopping in when I haven't posted in a few days. Your comments have been keeping me going through the last few weeks! Really going to make an effort to get a bunch of posts up in October, which usually is my favorite month of the year!

Big night for Boston sports too as the Red Sox start their first game of the playoffs, the Bruins have their opening night of the season, and the Pats play Tampa Bay on the Thursday Night Game.

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  1. Well you used all the good puns. What can I add except they don't look like learners to me.