Monday, October 23, 2017

Definitely NOT the Norwegian Blue! Remarkable Bird, idn'it? Lovely Plumage!

Wonder if the police officer is related to Constable Clitoris, from the Crunchy Frog sketch?

Yeah, this one is something quite different, and Obsidian7 likes dark captions that are dark and twisted, and even though this is colored blue and green, I like to think it's got a dark sense of humor about it all, don't you? I mean, I can't think of too many captions that have followed this path.

I know that I've done a caption involving a parrot or cockatoo or some type of avian like that. Can't seem to find it on my blog though. Maybe another search will pull something up. Hmmm, found one that involved a canari (mixed with canary) which involves voodoo. I am pretty sure I made it for Bren, but cannot find it. Perhaps it is best I don't because it probably isn't that good, or at least not anywhere near this one I think.

This picture was an incredible find. I never would have thought of something like this without it. I don't even know the context behind it, but it is probably fucked up! I mean, what is happening there or what happened before they snapped the photo? You guess is as good as mine!

And yes, I named it after one of the most infamous sketches in Monty Python history. Why not? It's instantly recognizable to many people who will get it right away, AND it does have a bit of absurdest bent to the subject matter. Plus it led directly into "The Lumberjack Song" which definitely fits in with the scope of this blog. Say no more, nudge nudge!

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: What did you think about the caption before you read it, just viewing the composition and the photo? Did it live up to its promise?  Where on the strange scale would you put this in comparing it to much of my other work? 


  1. Oh, that was twisted . . . but I love it!

  2. Yes this is up there on the weird scale, Stop that, Its Silly.

  3. So I don't comment a lot but I love your caps.

    Anyways. I mean I guess it's a bit… unusual but I don't find it *that* strange. It's pretty cool and different actually ^^ so what happens at the end? Is it the parrot talking inside her? Through her? Does she still actually have her dick? Is it that sentence that made it go away? I'm not sure I fully understood ^^'

    Oh and love référence :)

    1. Yes the parrot is talking "for" her. It harkens back to old time cartoons where a cat or something would eat the bird and start singing or whistling .. then usually burn their tongue or something and the animal would come back out. Another part of the strangeness of this caption.

      And yes,that sentence at the end made her completely female, aka no longer packing down there. Not everyone wants to be a shemale at the end of a caption, so it was my way of introducing dramatic effect and finishing up her complete change of sex.

      Also, without the phallic "evidence" the police officer has no idea if 'she' is telling the truth, or is just some psychopathic woman that eats live birds. Which one is up to the reader to decide!