Sunday, October 8, 2017

2 Times the Fashion Sense for the Husky Twins!

We used to be livin' large, but now we are definitely in charge!

Made this for Kaitlyn, modifying I something that I had worked on previously. Her preferences include a recent change signifying her getting into good shape recently, being the smallest she's been in quite some time. That gave me a great idea that this photo would fit in perfectly with.

Who wouldn't want to lose weight AND get the affection of all the other "girls" doing the same. When you are the only "boys" in town, everyone wants you, especially if they are willing to experiment sexually in close quarters. Seems like a win-win situation all around.

Not sure what else to say about it. If you have questions about this caption, or anything else you'd like to ask me, feel free to throw them into the comments and I'll make sure to answer them in a timely "fashion" .. HA! I will make sure I'm a "model" blogger! So "pose" those questions quickly!


  1. Fashion puns! I cannot compete, I can only share the song that comes to my mind when I think about fashion:

    That done, love the image used for the caption. I am constantly in awe of how well you captioneers are able to match the caption text to the image that accompanies it. It's no mean feat (if I am to judge by some of the efforts I see, but we all start somewhere and at least starting is better than doing nothing at all - which is where I am) either. The caption itself, in this instance, seems a tad 'on the nose' for me - but that's a reflection of me rather than the nature of the caption (it's the idea of the parents doing it to their children).

    In that regard, and as a huge aside, it reminds me of a story on fictionmania called something like 'Summer with Cheryl' that I read and enjoyed then read again and was put ill-at-ease by. There's something about the manipulation of young people that I just find a little... unnerving. No, that's too strong. I just found that story hard to get out of my head. I sometimes go back to read it again, just to check if I wasn't being a little unfair on the creator but, no, it still doesn't sit right. Here the caption doesn't evoke the same strength of response from me, but it is...

    I lack the words. The fact is, I'm not sure how else it could have worked with this image (and those shoes!) and you've pulled off some fancy puns afterward that I simply cannot match. So, there's that!

    1. Hope this doesn't demystify things too much for you .. 98 percent of the time, I find the photo and then create the story around it. Something about the image makes me see a story and then I just try to capture it.

      For instance, this showed me a picture of "twins" that were in a banquet hall or restaurant, wearing matching clothes. Since I make TG captions, how can I turn this into something usable? Buying in bulk is cheaper, if things are on sale, then 2 of the same item is doubly a bargain, which could explain why parents creepily dress their twins in the same clothing. If they outgrow them, now what? Get hand me downs from another couple with twins? That could work, but its an awful lot of people involved in a change.

      Well, what if their parents were as cheap as they seem, and found out it was cheaper to send them to a girls camp? Ohhh, and they need to lose weight so a fat camp! Girl's camps are definitely a TG trope, and those outfits that match could just be the campers uniform .. or their old shirts after they lost weight .. doesn't really matter either way.

      Everything else just falls into line, like the long hair, the poses they models are standing in, subliminals from fat camp (there are lots of weight loss self-hypnosis programs available online) and whatever else you'd like to think about.

      I am extremely happy that you think that my story tells exactly what is going on in the picture. It means I've done my job. I bet someone like Simone could take that same photo and write something completely different and it would still feel legit from beginning to end. I think it's definitely a skill, but one that can be worked on to improve our craft, and it is why I'm still doing this X number of years later.