Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Now *I* Am In Control, Joanna!

Yes, you. Joanna Cale .. if THAT is your real name! Well, it is going to be NOW!

Hmmm, Dee seems to be in a forceful (and playful!) mood this evening. Kept this caption fairly open ended while writing it, but the outfit seemed to fit Joanna so I figured I'll just keep it that way. The picture wasn't incredibly large, and I knew I'd have to make an text arrangement I don't often use enough. not quite sure why I don't use it more often. Actually I do .. (1) is because I like my photos to balance off the caption so that it is at least 50 percent of the viewing space, and (2) I often don't really know what I'm going to write before I write it, hence how much space should I really give? Don't want to end up writing too little and then have only 5-7 lines of text underneath the picture, making the entire thing seem a bit top heavy or lopsided somehow.

Anyway, it was a bit different of a caption for me to make, what with there being no magic, the textual arrangement, and the larger than usual space between paragraphs. All in all though, I think the experiment worked out well and I hope that Joanna enjoys this somewhat blog exclusive.

Today's Wufoo question comes from ShySteffie!
Hiya Dee,I was just thinkin' (don't laugh, it's true) that petroleum jelly is the worst flavor of all and it sticks to your mouth worse than peanut butter. What's your worst jelly? Kisses! Steffie
Hmmm, mint jelly has to be the worst, doesn't it? I mean, its' squishy like jello but tastes like toothpaste! On top of that, it usually goes along with lamb, and who wants to eat sheep? Jelly is something that goes on top of toasted bread, end of story! So glad my sweetie dropped me a line. Its when she's goofy like this that I know she's doing well!

As always, with a blog exclusive, I don't see comments anywhere else, so writing below to let me know what you think is always a pleasure for me to see, even if you didn't like it. Hell, tell me WHY you didn't like it and I can check to see how valid your opinion is! Catch you later!


  1. Out and about en femme and getting caught is a classic sissy fantasy and you've handled it so well!!!
    Of course Joanna has nothing to say.....unless....when Dee shows up after work she finds Joanna's wife waiting for her and the tables are quickly turned....they'll still get to use the toys but not in the way Dee imagined at all!!!
    A favorite fantasy for you can very easily be turned into a favorite fantasy for her!!!

  2. I Love The Caption. Being open ended it could go so many ways. From the photo Joanna is very experienced in her fem role so having a buddy in on it could open new doors but of course we don't know what she has to lose on the other hand, wife, respect, family etc
    and also how mean is Dee going to get?
    I Didn't think of Kaarens idea on turning the tables as another twist.
    As for the layout, it well come of know surprise to you i very frequently have to add a bet to the bottom of my captions.

  3. Hmmm, I have Joanna here being younger than Ian and Kaaren do, as I wasn't picturing a wife being in the scenario at all .. especially with the line about poisoning his chances in having "potential future girlfriends" by exposing his feminine appearance.

    I was picturing this as senior year of high school or maybe between then and a 2nd year college student. Any particular reason you girls read it as a bit older?

    1. Well now you mention seems obvious! I read that part as passing as female and having female friends who accept him. Maybe the photo felt to me older but i think mostly the dress looked to me sort of german busty barmaid, beer keller. so I thought he was working a job.

    2. I'm just gonna squee here: squeee!

      I got the age bracket and it is just lovely and I'm all of a lump over it. SoexcitedaboutitImightjustpeedownmylegs!

      Ahem, sorry, thank you!